Black Feelings

Black Feelings was founded by Drummer Owain Lawson and bassist Brian Mitchell in January 2007. Soon after, they released their debut effort, a CD-R recorded by David Bryant of Godspeed You Black Emperor and Set Fire to Flames at his Montreal studio, The Pines. Helping to round out and beef up their sound, in 2008 they were joined by guitarist Kyle Fostner, who cut his teeth playing with Lawson in their previous group, Les Angles Mort. The trio released Aum Shinrikyo, a cassette EP, with Montreal’a Pasalymany Tapes, an underground tape imprint, and went on to tour throughout the Eastern US.

In the Fall of the same year, Black Feelings returned to the studio, this time enlisting the help of engineer Mark Lawson (no relation to Owain), who is best known for his work with Arcade Fire, Beirut, Final Fantasy and The Unicorns. Together they set up a make shift studio in an old burnt out farmhouse and took their time recording, making sure they could get the sound they were looking for. It is the recordings from these sessions that make up the band’s self-titled debut for Alien8 Recordings.

Black Feelings perfectly blends elements of Post Punk and Cold Wave-era bands, resulting in a Goth-heavy sound that makes them a good fit other bands paying tribute to the darker side of the eighties, as well as the experimental rock scene. After numerous earlier bands and DIY tours the trio feel they have found the right fit and sound to bring their music to a wider audience.

Photograph of Black Feelings
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