David Kristian

David Kristian is one of Canada’s premier experimental/techno artists, who has released material on labels like Discreet/Indiscreet, Suction, Drop Beat, Ninja Tune, Lo Recordings, Schematic, Worm Interface, Law and Auder, and Interchill. For the last few years he has been releasing his full length recordings on Alien8 Recording and the bulk of this material has gone in a vastly different direction than his earlier techno and fucked up take on drum ‘n’ bass. Kristian has also become very involved in sound design for films, creating both roomtones and actual scores. This new passion is highlighted on his Roomtone release, which continues in the ambient drone vein of his Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Despite not ever touring so far, Kristian has managed to perform with Autechre, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Keiji Haino, Loren MazzaCane Connors, Pan Sonic, Pole and others.

Photograph of David Kristian
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