The Unicorns

Nicolas “neil” Diamonds and Alden Ginger are The Unicorns; high school friends-for-life from a sea-side town. Since the summer of 2003 they have been joined by Jaime Thompson on drums.

But can the following words bring The Unicorns to justice?

Uncanny, seemingly inherent understanding of pop melody combined with a playful sense of experimentation and natural charisma!


These three young-uns from the Wild West, more recently based out of Montreal, are shooting up the charts (#29 across Canada for their self-released debut), and have just banged out a new album for release in early October on Alien8 Recordings. The Unicorns have shared the stage with The Microphones, I am Spoonbender, Cat Power and Daniel Jonhnson, and they love massages. Won’t you have them for dinner?

The Unicorns will touring across Canada throughout the Fall of 2003.

“wonderfully fucked-up, oddly touching sublime: Oh mythical Unicorns, save us from all that is hopelessly normal!”
- Exclaim

“In the spirit of Ween, the Folk Implosion, and any other two headed creatures with heart.”
- Hour Magazine

“silly, awkward, catchy, poignant and often all at once.”
- Montreal Mirror

Photograph of The Unicorns
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