Tomas Jirku

Tomas Jirku is a 21 year old electronic musician, originally from the Czech Republic and now living in Canada. He comes from a visual arts background with no musical training to speak of: despite that he’s shown an uncanny mastery of minimal techno, particularly the low-end heavy style most closely associated with German electronica.

Jirku has always explored music genres that have been disagreeable to his peers. After immersing himself in Industrial music, which is still an influence, he was introduced to early British electronica, which opened up the whole world of electronic music to him.

Two years ago Jirku started making music using computer “tracker” software as a collaboration with a friend purely for fun using bizarre inside jokes. His music is all computer based, using shareware software for composition.

Jirku’s erratic taste is fueled by working at a record shop. Rather than sticking to any definable style he prefers to float into and between styles without any preconceptions and explore his own understanding of a (sub)genre. His aim is to be subtle with any use of digital manipulation, and to add layers to rhythm that couldn’t otherwise be achieved using conventional studio techniques. He tries to give his compositions different ‘textures’ rather than ‘moods’. Jirku claims to be unskilled when it comes to creating melodies; he avoids them in favour of creating interesting rhythms and textures within the framework of techno.

Photograph of Tomas Jirku
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