Bestalita: Bestalita

Montreal’s Bestalita is the brainchild of the shadowy (read: anonymous) Asmodeous. It is unclear who, if anyone, is lending a helping hand in the recording of this second self-titled EP to surface from the mysterious project. As with their first release, this recording finds the project wrestling with the genres of black metal and power electronics, and the results are a little more cohesive the second time around.

The EP opens with Kill You, a mid-paced dirge that boasts a depressive quality that brings to mind the unpolished grimness of Mayhem’s legendary Death Crush recording. Next up is Slave to Belial, a track that takes a more direct Sodom-like approach to deliver its message: a straight up crusty-styled blackened metal attack. Shrapnel’s dark ambient opening features treated vocals and wouldn’t sound out of place opening up your average Tesco Records release. Try to imagine a power electronics outfit like Bloody Minded crossing over into metal. This slow-paced track serves as the EP’s centerpiece, a kind of intermission if you will, with two more metallic-sounding offerings positioned on each side of this bed piece. Next up is a cover of Hellhammer’s Decapitator, which stays close enough to the original, particularly in the vocals, despite the cover’s much quicker tempo. The EP closes with Sacrifice which once again meshes black metal and noise, sounding similar to some of Merzbow’s metal plunderphonics. The vocals on this piece are so overloaded with feedback and distortion that it sounds like Masonna fronting a noise core band.

The music of Bestalita makes no excuses nor does it provide an easy-listening experience: this is truly non-commercial music only for those seeking maximum effect. Who knows what the future will bring and where this project may go, but for now, while not for the faint of heart, this is an interesting project that mixes power electronics and black metal in a truly underground fashion.

Release date: July 22, 2010

Label: Alien8 Recordings

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