Neige et Noirceur: Philosophie des Arts Occultes: Musicae Magicae: Spiritus Vociferor 2009

Neige et Noirceur quickly follow up the recent digital release Thanatonaut, which offered an epic slab of doom that treaded familiar waters to that of Thergathon, whereas this most recent outing entitled Philosophie des Arts Occultes marks a return to the grim realm of black metal that Neige et Noirceur has been forging a name for himself in the underground with the last couple of years.

The recording offers up three new tracks that are split up between dark ambient material laden with samples from horror movies of the past while the real meat of the recording is the middle track that is an epic slab of blackened metal.

The opening cut Loudun starts with a sample of somebody dictating the rather descriptive punishment for the crime of blasphemy and sacrilege. Eventually the minute long sample gives way to dark ambient music that sounds like a mixture of wind and buried voices. All hell breaks loose with the commencement the next track Rituel Incantatoire Du Grimoire Du Sorcier, which is a lengthy piece of pure black metal that nods to the likes of Paysage D’Hiver with hints of the United States’ Leviathan and France’s Peste Noire. This track keeps the intensity level in overdrive, veering momentarily to the dark ambient beginnings of the recording only to reawaken like thunder and lighting seconds later. The recording closes very much in the same fashion that it started with Ouija a slow moving dark ambient wind song, with occasional sampled voices.

The recording is gorgeously packaged and all artwork is available in a printable PDF version to accompany the download. We are very pleased to follow up our debut release by Quebec’s Neige ET Noirceur. Given the quality of the work coming from this exciting one man black metal band , it shouldn’t be too long before and an official release surfaces, in the mean time please enjoy this latest offering from Neige Et Noirceur.

Philosophie des Arts Occultes will see a digital release via alien8 recordings and will be offered as cdr via the Montreal based label Brise Cul.

Release date: November 05, 2009

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Philosophie des Arts Occultes: Musicae Magicae: Spiritus Vociferor 2009 by Neige et Noirceur
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2 Rituel incantatoire du grimoire du sorcier 10:43 $1.99
3 Ouija 8:03 $1.99
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Photograph of Neige et Noirceur

Neige et Noirceur