thisquietarmy: Transmissions

thisquietarmy’s Transmissions is a conceptual soundtrack to Christy Romanick’s Very Large Array book, which features a series of colored photographs shot in San Agustin, New Mexico. Christy, a photographer from Boston, captures the beauty and eeriness of the VLA satellites occupying an isolated desert landscape, whereas thisquietarmy recreates the transmissions received through its various hybrid configurations (BnA, CnB, DnC). Different sounds from outer space are captured through the different configurations such as the first televised transmission returning from space, signals from lost spacecrafts and random outer space phenomenon.

The book/soundtrack, limited to only 75 physical copies, was originally released on Christy’s imprint, Space30a. The digital release features an exclusive 15-minute track and includes the electronic version of the book.

Release date: April 30, 2009

Label: Alien8 Recordings

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1 The First Televised Transmission Returns from Space: The 1936 Olympic Games Imperialistic Anthem 2:44 $0.99
2 The First Televised Transmission Returns from Space: Sky Surveys 1:09 $0.99
3 BnA VLA Hybrid Configuration: Polarized Spectral Lines 1:49 $0.99
4 BnA VLA Hybrid Configuration: Phase Calibration 3:14 $0.99
5 BnA VLA Hybrid Configuration: Radio-Galaxy Quasar 2:32 $0.99
6 BnA VLA Hybrid Configuration: Subarrays In Continuum 2:02 $0.99
7 CnB VLA Hybrid Configuration: Interceptions from a Dying Voyager 3:26 $0.99
8 CnB VLA Hybrid Configuration: Lost Satellite Debris 6:05 $0.99
9 DnC VLA Hybrid Configuration: Pulses of Light, Streams of Neutrinos 7:55 $0.99
10 Alien Eight 14:50 $1.99
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Full Downloadable Album 45:46 $4.99
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