Duchess Says: In a Fung DAY T!

Album cover for In a Fung DAY T! by Duchess Says CD: $12.00
LP: $12.00
Download: $7.99

The congregation has prayed the three Ts; now it’s time to reiterate! The four acolytes of the Church of Budgerigars, Duchess Says, return with their second offering, In a Fung DAY T!, a learned mix of hypnotic rock and saturated keys.

Picastro and Nadja: Fool, Redeemer

Album cover for Fool, Redeemer by Picastro and Nadja CD: $12.00
Download: $7.99

Fool, Redeemer is semi-collaborative split release between Canadian acts Picastro and Nadja. Having toured together and shared a stage many times over the course of the last half-decade, the two bands thought it was time to finally release something together. Nominally a split album, with side A featuring tracks by Picastro and side B a sidelong track by Nadja, members of both groups contributed to each other’s songs. And a certain mutual influence seeped into the compositions, Picastro’s dark-folk appearing at the beginning of Nadja’s track “Venom” and Nadja’s trademark drone/dirge tendencies lending a heavier, noisier edge to Picastro’s songs.

Acid Mothers Temple: Pink Lady Lemonade - You're from Inner Space

Album cover for Pink Lady Lemonade - You're from Inner Space by Acid Mothers Temple 2LP: $20.00
CD: $9.00
Download: $6.99

Anyone who has ever witnessed Acid Mothers Temple live has more than likely heard them perform Pink Lady Lemonade. It’s a staple of their live sets and has been released in various forms over the years on a couple of now out of print releases and is offered here for the first time in a double vinyl edition as well as a single CD version.

Bestalita: Bestalita

Album cover for Bestalita by Bestalita Download: $4.99

Montreal’s Bestalita is the brainchild of the shadowy (read: anonymous) Asmodeous. It is unclear who, if anyone, is lending a helping hand in the recording of this second self-titled EP to surface from the mysterious project. As with their first release, this recording finds the project wrestling with the genres of black metal and power electronics, and the results are a little more cohesive the second time around.

Ensorcelor: Urarctica

Album cover for Urarctica by Ensorcelor Download: $4.99

On “Urartica Begins” Ensorcelor serves up 36 minutes over three tracks of doom-based metal that blends influences from all over the metal and hardcore maps to conjure up something entirely their own. This digital EP will more than satisfy the hungry ears of those looking forward to an official release.

Blessure Grave: Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six

Album cover for Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six by Blessure Grave CD: $4.99
LP: $20.00
Download: $4.99

Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six is the debut full-length release by Blessure Grave. Founded as a duo by T. Graves and Reyna Kay in September 2008, the band blurs the lines between the Goth, Post Punk and Neo Folk genres. The pair has since developed the project into a full band while building a cult-like following, scattering various vinyl and tape releases on boutique labels around the globe.

Aidan Baker: Liminoid/Lifeforms

Album cover for Liminoid/Lifeforms by Aidan Baker CD: $10.00
Download: $7.99

While Alien8 Recordings has had the pleasure of releasing three full-length albums by Aidan Baker’s ambient doom project Nadja, as well as his collaborative effort Fantasma Parastasie with Tim Hecker, this marks our first solo release with the artist. Although we consider Liminoid/Lifeforms to be a solo effort, there are in fact no less than eight guest musicians helping out on the recording.

Duchess Says and Red Mass: Fire Baptized Species / Red Mass

Album cover for Fire Baptized Species / Red Mass by Duchess Says and Red Mass 7-inch: $5.00
Download: $2.99

Wow! Our first 7” release! We hope that you are as excited as we are. This release pairs two like-minded bands that compliment each other and pair perfectly on this split release.

Neige et Noirceur: Philosophie des Arts Occultes: Musicae Magicae: Spiritus Vociferor 2009

Album cover for Philosophie des Arts Occultes: Musicae Magicae: Spiritus Vociferor 2009 by Neige et Noirceur Download: $4.99

Neige et Noirceur quickly follow up the recent digital release Thanatonaut, which offered an epic slab of doom that treaded familiar waters to that of Thergathon, whereas this most recent outing entitled Philosophie des Arts Occultes marks a return to the grim realm of black metal that Neige et Noirceur has been forging a name for himself in the underground with the last couple of years.

Black Feelings: Black Feelings

Album cover for Black Feelings by Black Feelings CD: $5.00
LP: $8.00
Download: $4.99

A quintessential power trio, Black Feelings has developed a unique a hybrid of the British post punk and experimental scenes with heavy traces of psychedelic-goth and cold wave. Their penchant for combining a variety of influences to conjure up a sound that is both retro and vitally fresh at the same time. This debut is never dull, as moody vibes ebb and flow throughout the long player carried by propulsive bass and drums.

Neige et Noirceur: Thanatonaut

Album cover for Thanatonaut by Neige et Noirceur Download: $4.99

Thanatonaut, the latest effort from Spiritus who records under the moniker of Neige et Noirceur, offers a temporary departure from the artist’s frozen ambient black metal that has been turning underground metal heads for the last couple of years. The recording is described by the artist as an ode to the “navigators through death” and inspired by the book Les Thanatonautes, a 1994 science fiction novel French writer Bernard Werber. Thanatonaut is a single long track consisting in a few movements that blend seamlessly together.

Grand Trine: Free All Psychic Centers

Album cover for Free All Psychic Centers by Grand Trine Download: $5.99

Free All Psychic Centers serves as a scrap book style document of Grand Trine’s initial home recordings in the six months leading up to their first live performance. Originally released as cassette by Montreal cassette-only label ‘Campaign For Infinity’, the release sold out of it’s first pressing in just three weeks. Presented now for the first time in Stereo by Alien8 Recordings, it is once again available for the public to enjoy.

Think About Life: Family

Album cover for Family by Think About Life CD: $9.00
LP: $10.00
Download: $8.99

Vinyl edition on green vinyl, packaged in gatefold sleeve now available. Back in May 2006 we baptized the emergence of the Montreal’s energetic party machine Think About Life with the release of their self-titled debut. Here they are three years later with their sophomore effort, Family. This time around the trio is as off-the-hook as ever, but since they dropped their debut they have polished their sound, without losing their edge.

Acid Mothers Temple: Lord of the Underground: Vishnu and the Magic Elixir

Album cover for Lord of the Underground: Vishnu and the Magic Elixir by Acid Mothers Temple CD: $10.00
LP: $15.00
Download: $8.99

We are celebrating Acid Mothers Temple’s return to North America by honoring them with a new release, their fourth for the label. The band is slated to tour North America in early spring 2009 in support of their last few releases including this latest full-length, “Lord of the Underground: Vishnu and the Magic Elixir.” The album is made up entirely of new studio recordings that have documented the band in fine form. The band is flying at full speed dishing out 3 slabs of Turkish Psych meets Krautrock, served up Acid Mothers Temple style. “Lord of the Underground” will see the light of day on both limited edition vinyl and CD. Both the CD and the LP format of this release are now available.
The vinyl edition is a ltd. pressing of 1000 copies on pink vinyl. Currently less than a half dozen copies of the vinyl version remain.

thisquietarmy: Transmissions

Album cover for Transmissions by thisquietarmy Download: $4.99

thisquietarmy’s Transmissions is a conceptual soundtrack to Christy Romanick’s Very Large Array book, which features a series of colored photographs shot in San Agustin, New Mexico. Christy, a photographer from Boston, captures the beauty and eeriness of the VLA satellites occupying an isolated desert landscape, whereas thisquietarmy recreates the transmissions received through its various hybrid configurations (BnA, CnB, DnC). Different sounds from outer space are captured through the different configurations such as the first televised transmission returning from space, signals from lost spacecrafts and random outer space phenomenon.

Torngat: La petite nicole

Album cover for La petite nicole by Torngat CD: $9.00
LP: $10.00
Download: $8.99

Torngat return with “La petite Nicole”, a grittier, propulsive sounding record that more closely resembles the bands live sound. “La petite Nicole” offers forays into dub-heavy elements of post rock as well hints of kraut rock and the occasional miniature freak-outs.

AUN: Motorsleep

Album cover for Motorsleep by AUN CD: $9.00
Download: $8.99

AUN aka Martin Dumais is an ambient doom artist from Montreal, Quebec who describes his take on outsider metal meets shoegaze as ‘blight metal’. He has been a crucial contributor to the Montreal music scene for a very long time and has recently reinvented himself with some of his deepest and most contemplative work to date under the moniker AUN.

Menace Ruine: The Die is Cast

Album cover for The Die is Cast by Menace Ruine CD: $9.00
LP: $20.00
Download: $8.99

The Die is Cast finds Menace Ruine eschewing the howling vocals and blast beats of their debut album, instead replacing them with majestic songs based around the vocal style of Genviève and the anthemic medieval music that bares much more resemblance to Neo-Folk than Black Metal.

Aidan Baker and Tim Hecker: Fantasma Parastasie

Album cover for Fantasma Parastasie by Aidan Baker and Tim Hecker CD: $10.00
LP: $20.00
Download: $8.99

Fantasma Parastasie sees the pairing of Aidan Baker, of the Ambient Doom band Nadja, and Tim Hecker, two of Canada’s brightest musicians in the world of abstract electronic music. It is divided in eight movements which blend together to form a fluid example of a collaboration that works.

Zbigniew Karkowski and Daniel Menche : Unleash

Album cover for Unleash by Zbigniew Karkowski and Daniel Menche CD: $8.00
Download: $4.99

Describing this debut collaboration between Zbigniew Karkowski and Daniel Menche as heavy would be a serious understatement; gruelingly brutal would be a much more fitting description. Unleash is part one of a pair releases based around the same recording sessions. Daniel Menche independently mixed the material in Portland, Oregon and the next release will feature the mix of Zbigniew Karkowski.

Francisco López: TechnoCalyps

Album cover for TechnoCalyps by Francisco López CD: $9.00
Download: $8.99

Continuing his “exploration of the universe of broad-band noise from the real world”, Francisco López delivers his latest tour de force, the original soundtrack to the film TechnoCalyps by Frank Theys.

Duchess Says: Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs

Album cover for Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs by Duchess Says CD: $10.00
LP: $15.00
Download: $8.99

Montreal’s Duchess Says fuses the fury and intensity of a punk rock comprised of screaming guitars, moaning bass and relentless drumming with keyboards and the explosively sexy stylings of vocalist Annie-C. There is something breathtakingly original about Duchess Says and one listen to Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs will cement that impression.

Menace Ruine: Cult of Ruins

Album cover for Cult of Ruins by Menace Ruine CD: $9.00
LP: $20.00
Download: $7.99

Hailing from the frozen north of the province of Québec comes the duo cloaked in mystery, simply known as Menace Ruine. Since the release of their blazing self-produced demo, In Vulva Infernum, they have allowed themselves to perform live and over the course of the last year have quickly risen to the top of the food chain in Montreal.

Sam Shalabi: Eid

Album cover for Eid by Sam Shalabi CD: $9.00
Download: $7.99

It was during the time that Shalabi was living in Cairo he came to the realization that Arabic pop music was much more wild, wide and weird than he had imagined and this also had a huge influence on this recording. Upon listening to Eid it becomes clear how Shalabi was influenced by the wide breadth of Arabic pop music: each piece is stylistically its own and allowed to take its own shape.

Nadja: Radiance of Shadows

Album cover for Radiance of Shadows by Nadja CD: $10.00
2LP: $20.00
Download: $8.99

Radiance of Shadows is a mammoth monster of a record, spanning well over an hour with three tracks that are more epic and heavier than ever. Nadja’s constantly increasing fan base will not be disappointed with this outing; it’s classic Nadja. Radiance of Shadows has the feel of the super-saturated and dense recordings favoured by the likes of Fennesz and Tim Hecker but with the bite of metal. Now available on vinyl.

Torngat: You Could Be

Album cover for You Could Be by Torngat CD: $9.00
Download: $7.99

Torngat is a formidable trio hailing from the fertile and diverse musical community of Montreal. Up until now the band has enjoyed success in a few key cities, but with You Could Be things are about to change. Although this is the band’s third recording, a follow up to 2005’s stellar La Rouge EP, it is their first full-length as a trio (their first CD was recorded as a quartet in 2002). The band has managed to sell through multiple pressings of their previous two recordings despite the fact that they were self-released, thanks in part to their extensive touring.

CPC Gangbangs: Mutilation Nation

Album cover for Mutilation Nation by CPC Gangbangs CD: $13.00
LP: $13.00
Download: $7.99

CPC Gangbangs rise from ashes of garage punk architects Les Sexareenos, Daylight Lovers and Spaceshits and create a new drug, punk, weirdo, hate trip that spews from the Franco-Anglo Petri dish of Montreal. Although their sound is celebratory and consuming it is often evil as well and full of the promise of self-destruction boosted by copious amounts of cocaine, LSD and Canadian Maple Whiskey.

Alexandre St-Onge: Mon animal est possible

Album cover for Mon animal est possible by Alexandre St-Onge CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

“Mon animal est possible” is a collection of electronic love songs written and conceived by Alexandre St-Onge, whose purpose behind the recordings was to try to communicate with monsters and exorcise/exercise his own monstrosity through them, thus making possible his own animal. Largely centered on vocals, both those of St-Onge and his partner Fanny, the album reveals St-Onge at his most melodious and sensuous thus far.

Adam Frank and Sam Shalabi: Overpass! A Melodrama

Album cover for Overpass! A Melodrama by Adam Frank and Sam Shalabi CD: $10.00

“It’s nice here.
Let’s pretend we’re somewhere else.”

“Overpass!” is a quasi-narrative meditation on the strange urban spaces of Vancouver, BC. Taking as subject a minor cement structure with a curious political history, this project offers an entertaining investigation into the consequences of incomplete modernization.

Lesbians on Ecstasy: We Know You Know

Album cover for We Know You Know by Lesbians on Ecstasy CD: $9.00
LP: $10.00
Download: $7.99

Special Offer: All purchases of this release come with a free copy of the Giggles in the Dark remix CD by Lesbians on Ecstasy.

Following two years of touring and general party-starting Lesbians on Ecstasy’s much-anticipated sophomore release is set to drop in early spring 2007. They’re back and surfing the giant third wave of wimmin’s lib, but amongst the optimistic slogans and hopes for a liberated future, corporate interests and inequality reign, turning feminist dreams to stone and casting dark clouds over the Land. Lesbian Dystopia… L.OE. have retaliated with a collection of songs that hearken back to activist hope – seems like wishful thinking in this day and age.

Nadja: Touched

Album cover for Touched by Nadja CD: $9.00
2LP: $20.00
Download: $7.99

In a very short time Nadja have established themselves as a band to watch due to their hard work ethic, prolific output and live performances. In this year alone Nadja have managed to tour or open for the likes of ISIS, Khanate, Tim Hecker, Troum, Fear Falls Burning, Helios Creed and Mare among countless others. San Francisco Record store Aquarius Records says of Nadja, “Utter and absolute loveliness drenched in a thick patina of crushing heaviness. Impossible but perfect.” Now Available on vinyl.

Tim Hecker: Radio Amor

Album cover for Radio Amor by Tim Hecker CD: $10.00
Download: $7.99

Alien8 Recordings is reissuing Radio Amor, originally released on Mille Plateaux in 2002, in order to maintain the availability of the work of one of our label’s most important artists. Out of print for two years now, “Radio Amor” is a key release in Hecker’s discography, bridging his output between our “Haunt Me” (2001) and “My Love is Rotten to the Core” (EP, 2002) releases and 2004’s “Mirages”.

Think About Life: Think About Life

Album cover for Think About Life by Think About Life CD: $10.00
Download: $7.99

Announcing the self-titled debut from Montreal’s Think About Life. Think About Life have been causing panic on dance floors and concert halls alike since the word began to spread quicker than avian flu following their first couple of shows. Think About Life bring the party like no other band currently operating in Montreal area and their debut consists largely of party anthems from start to finish.

Francisco López: Untitled # 180

Album cover for Untitled # 180 by Francisco López CD: $8.00

“Untitled #180” is perhaps López’ most playful and humorous release. While it features López’ trademark swells, bursts of pure sound and extended periods of silence, a unique element captured on this release is the predominant electroacoustic feel to the sound.

Tanakh: Ardent Fevers

Album cover for Ardent Fevers by Tanakh CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

Tanakh’s fourth release finds Jesse Poe and company continuing to delve deeper into the world of psychedelic pop music. On “Ardent Fevers” the listener is treated to a beautiful array of lush compositions that capture the listener with memorable choruses and well thought-out orchestration.

Acid Mothers Temple: Starless and the Bible Black Sabbath

Album cover for Starless and the Bible Black Sabbath by Acid Mothers Temple CD: $10.00
Download: $7.99

Back in print! Starless and the Bible Black Sabbath, our third release with the Japanese psychedelic ensemble known as Acid Mothers Temple sees the band paying homage to Black Sabbath. With respect to its heaviness this release has similarities to “Electric Heavyland” our first release by Acid Mothers Temple, however this recording is richer, clearer and less harsh.

Shalabi Effect: Unfortunately

Album cover for Unfortunately by Shalabi Effect CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

This fourth and latest offering from Shalabi Effect was recorded over three consecutive evenings during the band’s recent residency at the Montreal Arts Interculturels institute in Montreal, Quebec. The practice and performance sessions in front of a live audience resulted is a record that truly represents the band’s appetite for experimentation and their desire to keep things interesting for their loyal following as well as for themselves.

Hall Ranaldo Hooker: Hall Ranaldo Hooker: Oasis of Whispers

Album cover for Hall Ranaldo Hooker: Oasis of Whispers by Hall Ranaldo Hooker CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

A journey in free improv performed by a trio comprised of Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) on guitar, audio collages and effects, free jazz legend William Hooker on drums, and multi-instrumentalist Glen Hall on tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, piccolo, bass flute, bass clarinet, and percussion. The set was performed live at the Tralfamadore in Buffalo, NY in September of 2001 and represents the first recorded document by this formidable unit.

Books on Tape: Dinosaur Dinosaur

Album cover for Dinosaur Dinosaur by Books on Tape CD: $4.50
Download: $4.99

Books On Tape is Todd Drootin’s project dedicated to the style he terms “beatpunk”. “Dinosaur Dinosaur” further cements this style by incorporating more of the rock spirit of his animated live performances.

Nadja: Truth Becomes Death

Album cover for Truth Becomes Death by Nadja CD: $13.00
2LP: $20.00
Download: $7.99

Nadja is an ambient doom metal monster fronted by multi-talented Toronto musician and writer Aidan Baker. Formed in 2003 as a solo project, it has since been augmented by bassist Leah Buckareff. “Truth Becomes Death” represents Alien8 Recordings’ first foray into the metal genre. Now available on vinyl.

Kiss Me Deadly: Misty Medley

Album cover for Misty Medley by Kiss Me Deadly CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

Kiss Me Deadly is a Montreal-based quartet that has progressed from an early Dischord influenced emo/math-rock sound to an epic, deeply melodic, danceable style of music. Their sophomore effort, “Misty Medley,” is brimming with intoxicating pop songs that blend the anthemic power of indie rock with dance music.

Lesbians on Ecstasy: Giggles in the Dark

Album cover for Giggles in the Dark by Lesbians on Ecstasy LP: $12.00
CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

Announcing “Giggles in the Dark” – the Lesbians On Ecstasy remix album. After a year of touring in North America and Europe in support of the debut self-titled album, the Lezzies’ remix album is guaranteed to keep the party raging. Featuring tracks by le tigre, Tracy and the Plastics, Scream Club, Sean Kosa, 1-Speed Bike, Katastrophe, DJ Aï, Jody Bleyle and Kids On TV.

Dreamcatcher: Holysmokes: live at ckut 90.3 fm

CD: $10.00

Dreamcatcher are a Montreal based duo comprised of Blake Hargreaves and Katherine Kline and together they blend loops with an arsenal of home spun electronics.
The band has quickly become one of the crowned jewels of the Montreal experimental/noise scene. Their sound can be most easily described as a gentle Wolf Eyes or a hip hop project obsessed with Throbbing Gristle.

Various: Blankfield

Album cover for Blankfield by Various CD: $5.00

‘Blank Field’ is a program of experimental music that was curated by Francisco López for the event ‘Cité des Ondes’ organized by Champ Libre in Montreal from September 16 to 23, 2002.

Mecha Fixes Clocks: Orbiting with Screwdrivers

Album cover for Orbiting with Screwdrivers by Mecha Fixes Clocks CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

Mecha Fixes Clock is Michel F. Coté, a veteran of Montreal’s thriving experimental scene. On “Orbiting with Screwdrivers” he has assembled a carefully chosen ensemble from the city’s vibrant Musique Actuelle community. Coté laboured over countless hours of recordings that were made over the years in various situations by each of the album’s contributors. Featuring Lou Babin, Marc Boivin, Jean Derome, Jacques Drouin, Bernard Falaise, Dianne Labrosse, Jean-Denis Levasseur, Christof Migone, Bernard Poirier, Jean René, Martin Tetréault, Undo, Nema Vemba and Tom Walsh.

Francisco López: Live In Montreal

Album cover for Live In Montreal by Francisco López CD: $5.00

This live offering marks our fourth release with Madrid, Spain’s Francisco López in as many years. Over the same period we have organized nearly a dozen live events with the artist. This release documents an especially memorable performance from 2002.

Kiss Me Deadly: Amoreux Cosmiques

Album cover for Amoreux Cosmiques by Kiss Me Deadly CD: $5.00

Kiss Me Deadly is a Montreal based four-piece that has progressed from its more emo/math-rock beginnings to forge a deeply melodic, epic, and danceable brand of music. The four songs on “Amoureux Cosmiques” are sparkling pop gems that manage to be both moody and uplifting through a combination of ethereal vocals, chiming guitars, and sprightly rhythms. This tour-only EP consists of advance mixes from their forthcoming full-length on Alien8 Recordings to be released this Fall. The EP is being release to coincide with their North American tour in support of Bloc Party.

Et Sans: Par noussss touss les trous de vos crânes!

Album cover for Par noussss touss les trous de vos crânes! by Et Sans CD: $3.00
Download: $2.99

Et Sans is a quintet consisting of Roger T. Craig (Le Fly Pan Am), Aexander St-Onge (Shalabi Effect), Felix Morel (Le Fly Pan Am), Sophie Trudeau (GY!BE, A Silver Mt. Zion) and Stephen De Oliveira. Together they seamlessly intermingle experimental based psychedelic-pop with vintage industrial music with a nod towards classic Kraut Rock of the 70s.

Lesbians on Ecstasy: Lesbians on Ecstasy

Album cover for Lesbians on Ecstasy by Lesbians on Ecstasy CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

L.O.E. hijack the back catalogue of popular lesbian anthems, dragging them kicking and screaming out of the folk festivals and onto the drugged up revelry of the dance floor. They pillage shamelessly from the likes of Tracy Chapman and Melissa Etheridge, juxtaposing them against Tribe8 or Team Dresch, not forgetting the lesbian standards of the Indigo Girls and others. L.O.E. don’t sample these artists, but cheekily reference their themes and lyrics, creating booty shaking dance hits that maintain the politically infused edge of these Sapphic songstresses.

Les Georges Leningrad: Black Eskimo

Album cover for Black Eskimo by Les Georges Leningrad CD: $5.00
LP: $13.00
Download: $4.99

Les Georges Leningrad’s sophomore album is without a doubt catchier than their debut release, boasting a number of potential hits. Black Eskimo mixes elements of post-punk and noisy improv to deliver a completely unique hybrid. Now operating as a trio, they are leaner and more dangerous than ever. On this album, Poney, Bobo and Mingo present Black Eskimo with disconcerting homage of rare and sadistic music resonating from the purebred lineage of petrochemical rock.

Tanakh: Tanakh

Album cover for Tanakh by Tanakh 2CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

Our third release with American singer-songwriter Jesse Poe’s project Tanakh strays from structured songs and resides much more in the regions of the avant-garde. This double CD features more drone-oriented elements comparable to the debut Tanakh release, Villa Claustrophobia, and the collective ensembles of the Mile End music scene of Montreal. It is based around a unique hand-made instrument constructed from the salvaged ruble of a destroyed piano. This instrument resonates with a deep sonorous drone heard throughout the recording.

Tim Hecker: Mirages

Album cover for Mirages by Tim Hecker CD: $10.00
Download: $7.99

Back in print! Tim Hecker’s “Mirages” is the follow-up and succession to the critically acclaimed “Radio Amor” (2003) and his somewhat more sentimental “Haunt Me” (2001). “Mirages” further erodes the vapid predispositions of electronic music, uncovering a terrain where dissonance and melody coincide in a near-bohemian unison. Hecker has indeed developed a unique approach to music in an increasingly overcrowded and generic field. This is a challenging work, which reconciles a highly experimental approach to song craft that is at once beautiful and unnerving.

Molasses: Trouble at jinx Hotel

Album cover for Trouble at jinx Hotel by Molasses CD: $7.00
Download: $7.99

“Trouble at Jinx Hotel” is the fourth album from sprawling Montréal ensemble, Molasses. This inspired example of the group’s utterly original music displays the raw, world-weary voice of old Americana, the abandon of improvisation and experiment, the spiritually-charged atmosphere of church music, and the adventure of the avant-garde… all swirling around the musings of singer-songwriter Scott Chernoff.

Daniel Menche: Eye on the Steel

Album cover for Eye on the Steel by Daniel Menche CD: $6.00

Substractif comes out of hibernation with “Eye on the Steel” from Portland Oregon’s Daniel Menche. The sound on “Eye on the Steel” is heavily based around drones, pulses and ambient noise and is Menche’s most diverse offering yet and included many different sound sources.

Les Georges Leningrad: Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou

Album cover for Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou by Les Georges Leningrad CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

Alien8 Recordings is excited to announce the re-issue of “Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou” from Montreal’s most notorious post-punks, Les Georges Leningrad. Hailing from one of the most fertile scenes in North America of late, Les Georges Leningrad’s completely over-the-top stage show and totally unique sound has made them one of the city’s most beloved bands.

Acid Mothers Temple: Mantra of Love

Album cover for Mantra of Love by Acid Mothers Temple CD: $13.00
Download: $7.99

“Mantra of Love” is destined to be a classic release in the expanding catalogue of one of today’s most exciting psychedelic ensembles. The recording is made up of two tracks. “La Le Lo,” is a traditional Occitan piece largely based around the very melodic vocals of Cotton Casino. The recording’s fifteen minute closing piece, “L’Ambition dans le Miroir,” is a melodic and easy-listening piece, with spacey electronics and great guitar lines. “Mantra of Love” is the perfect release for those who enjoy the more melodic, drone-out and hippy elements of the band.

Tanakh: Dieu Deuil

Album cover for Dieu Deuil by Tanakh CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

Tanakh’s newest record, Dieu Deuil, commands a nautical embrace of wet boots and November days filled with rain. It sings stories of loss, hope, and transcendence amidst the swirling cyclone of mundaneness. Dieu Deuil, which takes it name from the architecture of Daniel Libeskind, successfully integrates improvisation and song writing, and communicates an interior intimacy, which previously was only hinted at in the drifting exterior world of Villa Claustrophobia.

Shalabi Effect: Pink Abyss

Album cover for Pink Abyss by Shalabi Effect CD: $8.00
Download: $4.99

Shalabi Effect’s most rocking effort thus far is sure to blow away the band’s loyal following and new fans alike. Pink Abyss retains elements of the band’s previous efforts, but with more emphasis placed on melody it’s easy to understand why the band refers to this as their “pop record”.

The Unicorns: Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?

Album cover for Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? by The Unicorns CD: $11.00
LP: $18.00
Download: $7.99

New vinyl pressing available. Features full-colour gatefold jacket and LP on pink vinyl. The Unicorn’s first release on Alien8 Recordings features thirteen tracks deeply rooted in careful songwriting and lo-fi pop experimentalism that back up their reputation as being Canada’s most promising new band, and planet Earth’s next big thing. The Unicorns have a gift for blending a morbid sense of humour with irresistible pop melodies caked with beautiful vocals employing thoughtful, near-sacred lyrics.

Merzbow: Animal Magnetism

Album cover for Animal Magnetism by Merzbow CD: $10.00

On Animal Magnetism Akita blends his passion for guitars and more rhythmic elements of progressive rock, metal and his love for animals, even bringing to life the sounds of his very own pet chickens to mind bending results.

Soft Canyon: Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings

Album cover for Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings by Soft Canyon LP: $5.00
CD: $3.00
Download: $2.99

We are incredibly pleased to announce the beginning of this incredible band that has risen from the ashes of Tricky Woo and the Local Rabbits. Soft Canyon layers the sound of two or three guitars with keyboards with incredible depth in the vocal department and a drum sound that recalls the studio wizardry of Phil Spector.

Set Fire to Flames: telegraphs in negative / mouths trapped in static

Album cover for telegraphs in negative / mouths trapped in static by Set Fire to Flames CD: $11.00
2LP: $15.00
Download: $9.99

Forming a double album, ‘telegraphs in negative / mouths trapped in static’ is a haunted, intense and highly diverse collection of material. Much like the first record, the album was founded in a situation of self-imposed isolation, with the band operating in states of little or no sleep, varying levels of intoxication, and in physical confinement. Beautifully played and composed, ‘telegraphs…’ sees set fire to flames forging an increasingly autonomous space for themsleves.

Molasses: A Slow Messe

Album cover for A Slow Messe by Molasses 2CD: $9.00
Download: $7.99

The latest release by Montreal folk-drone ensemble Molasses, a harrowing 26 track double CD. Featuring a slew of honorary members and distinguished guests, a slow messe is a remarkable and ambitious accomplishment, full of the delicate ballads, explosive improvisations, swirling drones and orchestrated minimalism that have helped earn Molasses its cult following.

Sam Shalabi: Osama

Album cover for Osama by Sam Shalabi CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

Osama is Sam Shalabi’s “protest music about arabophobia in a Post 9-11 World” combining straight-ahead hard rock, psyche and pop with the improv and experimental sounds of his previous solo release.

Daniel Menche: Beautiful Blood

Album cover for Beautiful Blood by Daniel Menche CD: $9.00
Download: $7.99

One of the Daniel Menche’s most accomplished recordings, Beautiful Blood delivers insanely powerful drone-based music composed of the richly layered sounds of different instruments and field recordings, allowing the listener to pick up on new sounds and subtleties with every listen.

Francisco López: Addy en el paîs de las frutas y los chunches

Album cover for Addy en el paîs de las frutas y los chunches by Francisco López CD: $11.00
Download: $8.99

Our latest release by Francisco López is a reissue of one of his most imporant rleleases. This could very possibly be one of the most important ambient records of the last 10 years and truly reinvents the concept of field recordings.

Acid Mothers Temple: Electric Heavyland

Album cover for Electric Heavyland by Acid Mothers Temple CD: $20.00
Download: $8.99

The most groove-heavy release yet by Japan’s Acid Mothers Temple. Electric Heavyland graces the areas of extreme stoner-rock, full-on psych freak-out and even heavy metal.

Tim Hecker: My Love is Rotten to the Core

Album cover for My Love is Rotten to the Core by Tim Hecker CD: $7.00
Download: $4.99

Following his debut release for Substracif, Haunt Me, Tim Hecker continues to explore the boundaries of structured ambient music on My Love is Rotten to the Core. This release is fashioned using different techniques of sabotage; the outcome is incredibly catchy, yet challenging electronica that boasts a great sense of humor.

Polmo Polpo: The Science of Breath

Album cover for The Science of Breath by Polmo Polpo CD: $8.00
Download: $7.99

Polmo Polpo is the work of multi-instrumentalist and producer Sandro Perri, who blends deep, murky techno with rich layers of feedback and densely orchestrated melodies. Heavily layered cello and lap steel guitar combine to create a world of shadowy songs drenched in echo and immersed in the throbbing pulse of “dance music”.

Tanakh: Villa Claustrophobia

Album cover for Villa Claustrophobia by Tanakh CD: $5.00
LP: $5.00
Download: $4.99

Villa Claustrobphobia is the debut release by Jesse Poe’s Tanakh, a layering of sound and structure that combines songwriting sensibilty and improvisational abstractions that are as thick and rich as they are minimalist. With guest appearances by Mick Turner, Jessica Billey, David Lowery, Ned Oldham and Nirmal Bajekal.

Francisco López: Untitled #123

Album cover for Untitled #123 by Francisco López CD: $7.00

Untitled #123 follows the very successful Untitled #104, López’s death metal release. While devoid of any connection to metal, it has the same power and intense climaxes found in Untitled #104 and in Lopez’s live performances and was prepared with sounds recorded in Grain Silo #5, in Montreal, Quebec.

Shalabi Effect: Trial of St-Orange

Album cover for Trial of St-Orange by Shalabi Effect CD: $8.00
Download: $4.99

With a duration just shy of an hour, this disc continues in the exploration of Middle Eastern-influenced psychedelia. Between their two releases the band has certainly become more radical in terms of their experimentation with different sounds, and this is clearly evident on their sophomore disc. It is incredibly rich in texture and boasts a very organic feel. This is psychedelic music done in the way that is incredibly rare these days; the band focuses on creating lush atmosphere rather than rocking out.

Tim Hecker: Haunt Me

Album cover for Haunt Me by Tim Hecker CD: $10.00
LP: $22.00
Download: $7.99

Now, for the first time on vinyl, Haunt Me is available for pre-order on double clear vinyl LP packaged in a full colour gatefold sleeve! This edition is limited to 750 copies. Tim Hecker needs much less of an introduction today than he did when he released his debut recording Haunt Me nearly ten years ago; he now easily holds his own with top tier electronic artists from around the world. Despite its age the album remains interesting and vital. While not nearly as complex as more recent outings, it gives a very clear view into the artist’s approach and style.

Sam Shalabi: On Hashish

Album cover for On Hashish by Sam Shalabi CD: $12.00
Download: $7.99

Sam Shalabi is the most active player in Montreal’s music scene and has been documented on recordings by Shalabi Effect, Detention, Molasses and A Silver Mt. Zion. Inspired by the writing, ideas and life of German historian and critic, Walter Benjamin, On Hashish highlights Shalabi’s compositional skills.

Hrsta: Hrsta - L'Éclat du ciel à était insoutenable

Album cover for Hrsta - L'Éclat du ciel à était insoutenable by Hrsta CD: $10.00
Download: $7.99

Hrsta’s first release intrigues the listener with layers of hypnotic drones, haunting melodies, beautiful vocals, and streams of bewildering lyrics.

Loren MazzaCane Connors: In Twilight

Album cover for In Twilight by Loren MazzaCane Connors CD: $9.00

In Twilight is Loren MazzaCane Connor’s first release for Alien8 Recordings and features two beautiful live tracks – one solo and one duet with No Neck Blues Band/Test member Matthew Heyner.

Francisco López: Untitled #104

Album cover for Untitled #104 by Francisco López CD: $7.00
Download: $8.99

Fracisco López’s untitled # 104 is of
the artist’s most unique releases. It features a
sound source which is for different from those
which he is best known for.

Molasses: you'll never be well no more

Album cover for you'll never be well no more by Molasses CD: $7.00
Download: $7.99

A first release from one of the most eclectic,
enigmatic musical ensembles in Montréal.
Molasses has played with Smog, godspeed
you black emperor! (with whom it shares
members), Sackville, Wooden Stars, the
Eyesores and Fly Pan Am.

Set Fire to Flames: sings reign rebuilder

Album cover for sings reign rebuilder by Set Fire to Flames CD: $12.00
Download: $7.99

set fire to flames is a collective of thirteen musicians from the musical community of Montreal who gathered together to create a recording over a five day period in the summer of 2000. Brooding and beautiful, haunted and haunting, sings reign rebuilder is so stunningly / lovingly played and skillfully assembled, infused throughout with a massive sense of slow-burning tension and periods of weighty, rousing release.

Tomas Jirku: Immaterial

Album cover for Immaterial by Tomas Jirku CD: $5.00
Download: $4.99

On Immaterial Jirku embodies headphone minimalism through a blend of very subtle, quiet passages constructed from field recordings, drones and stereo effects, combined with layers of his signature minimal-click dub sound.

Keiji Haino: Abandon all words at a stroke so that prayer can come spilling out

Album cover for Abandon all words at a stroke so that prayer can come spilling out by Keiji Haino CD: $15.00

Keiji Haino is easily one of the most exciting live performers of our time, exuding a passion and intensity rarely matched. This double CD
includes two new recordings by Haino, focussing on hurdy-gurdy and electronic perscussion. Recently was voted “out” record of 2001 by Wire magazine.

Mitchell Akiyama: Hope That Lines Don't Cross

Album cover for Hope That Lines Don't Cross by Mitchell Akiyama CD: $13.00
Download: $7.99

Hope That Lines Don’t Cross marks the first official solo release by Mitchell Akiyama and will undoubtedly establish him as an important electronica artist. Coming from a jazz background, Akiyama has an excellent sense of rhythm and melody and a fantastic knack for creating memorable music.

Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge: Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge

Album cover for Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge by Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge CD: $12.00

Up until now only a few hundred people have
ever heard this Montreal improv supergroup
on the two occassions they performed live.
Composed of David Kristian on synth, Sam
Shalabi on oud and Alexandre St-Onge on
double bass, the trio recorded several times
over the course of a few months at Kristian?s
Mermaid Room studio. This CD is the result of
those sessions, an amazing blend of analog
electronics and acoustic instruments, most
comparable to Euro-improv projects like
Polwechsel, Konk Pack & Radian.

Monstre: Sucre 3

Album cover for Sucre 3 by Monstre CD: $8.00
Download: $4.99

Monstre is one of the most interesting live acts
currently operating in the bustling Montreal
underground, with performances ranging from
full-on noise assaults, to Balinese style jams,
quirky electro-pop to psychedelic-style freak
outs. This is priced as an ep, and easily stands up to works by the likes of Patton, Eye etc.

Artificial Memory Trace / Brume: 1st Encounter

Album cover for 1st Encounter by Artificial Memory Trace / Brume CD: $13.00

An electroacoustic masterpiece which unites the talents of France’s Christian Renou (Brume) and Belgium’s Slavek Kwi (Artificial Memory Trace). Each artist has constructed and deconstructed the other’s original material, and through this process they have created beautiful fluid collaborations.

Christof Migone: Quieting

Album cover for Quieting by Christof Migone CD: $5.00

Quieting is the fourth solo recording from
conceptual sound artist Christof Migone,
released on Alien8 Recordings. Quieting is a
fine example of the artist’s ability to pay
attention to minute detail.

Various: Coalescence

Album cover for Coalescence by Various

Coalescence boasts selections from artists that have come to be associated with Alien8 Recordings such as Aube, Masonna, Merzbow, Knurl and David Kristian as well as the likes of Artificial Memory Trace, Crawl Unit, Dachise, Entarte, Kazumoto Endo, PBK and Sensorband, etc.

Molasses: Trilogie: Toil and Peaceful Life

Album cover for Trilogie: Toil and Peaceful Life by Molasses CD: $5.00
Download: $6.99

More bleak, beautiful music from Molasses:
the strange signature marriage of folk-noir
with order and disorder, improv and noise.

Shalabi Effect: Shalabi Effect

Album cover for Shalabi Effect by Shalabi Effect 2CD: $10.00
Download: $7.99

A 131-minute psychedelic blowout! Presenting
Shalabi Effect, one of the most interesting acts
to emerge from the montreal underground.

Tomas Jirku: Variants

Album cover for Variants by Tomas Jirku Download: $7.99

Introducing Tomas Jirku, a talented new
comer in the areas of idm and minimal
techno. Performing at the very prestigious
Mutek festival with Thomas Brinkmann June
10/00. Less than 10 copies remaining of the disc to put Tomas Jirku firmly on the map.

David Kristian: Room Tone

Album cover for Room Tone by David Kristian CD: $12.00
Download: $7.99

Room Tone is Kristian’s fifth release for Alien8 Recordings. It features incredibly dense ambient movements and very subtle low-end beat minimal beats layered with field recordings.

Aube: Sensorial Inducement

Album cover for Sensorial Inducement by Aube Download: $6.99

Sensorial Inducement features Aube using one monophonic analogue synthesizer, and has an early expermiental electronic sound. Limited to 509 numbered copies.

Bastard Noise: The Analysis of Self-Destruction

Album cover for The Analysis of Self-Destruction by Bastard Noise CD: $13.00
Download: $7.99

The Analysis of Self-Destruction serves perfectly as the soundtrack for mans destruction of the earth. It features an orchestra of home spun instruments and lo-fi electronics, field recordings and power electronics.

Merzbow: Door Open at 8am

Album cover for Door Open at 8am by Merzbow CD: $9.00

This latest Merzbow release on Alien8 Recordings is his tribute to free jazz, and jazz percussionists to be precise.

David Kristian: Beneath the Valley of the Modulars

Album cover for Beneath the Valley of the Modulars by David Kristian CD: $12.00
Download: $7.99

Beneath the Valley of the Modulars is a CD of material assembled from his finest beat/techno material to date.

David Kristian: Woodworking

Album cover for Woodworking by David Kristian CD: $5.00

Woodworking is a remix compilation of David Kristian’s Crickleewood, and features thirteen artists including Rehberg and Bauer, Aube, Farmer’s Manual, etc.

Knurl: Torus

Album cover for Torus by Knurl

Torus is a full length CDr release by Knurl, Canada’s premier noise artist on Alien8 Recordings.

Alexandre St-Onge: Image/Négation

Album cover for Image/Négation by Alexandre St-Onge CD: $13.00

Image/Négation, the debut solo release from one of Canada’s most exciting free music/experimental artists, Alexandre St-Onge.

Merzbow: Aqua Necromancer

Album cover for Aqua Necromancer by Merzbow CD: $9.00

Our third release by Masami Akita incorporates the use of sampled drums, lifted from the likes Soft Machine, L’Orme and others for a more rhythmic album.

M.S.B.R. / Kengo Iuchi: One

Album cover for One by M.S.B.R. / Kengo Iuchi CD: $13.00

One is a collaborative release between msbr, one of tokyo’s best know noise artists, and Kengo Iuchi an artist who uses guitar and vocals in a genre he describes as “Death Folk”.

Masonna: Frequency LSD

Album cover for Frequency LSD by Masonna CD: $10.00
Download: $8.99

This recording features 14 ear wrenching tracks and has been cited as one of the top 5 noise albums of all time.

David Kristian / SIAN: Tacoma Narrows Bridge/Someday Anywhere

Album cover for Tacoma Narrows Bridge/Someday Anywhere by David Kristian / SIAN Download: $7.99

Tacoma Narrows Bridge/Someday Anywhere is a split release on Alien8 Recordings between David Kristian and Sian, the collabotative duo of Akifumi Nakajima and Shohei Iwasaki.

Aube: Aube / Knurl

A split release between Japan’s Aube and Canada’s Knurl.

David Kristian: Cricklewood

Album cover for Cricklewood by David Kristian CD: $12.00
Download: $7.99

Cricklewood is Kristian’s tribute to Louis and Bebe Barron’s Forbidden planet soundtrack.

Merzbow: Space Metalizer

Album cover for Space Metalizer by Merzbow

Alien8 Recordings is proud to announce the release of Merzbow’s Space Metalizer. Ambient space effects derived from Moogs and Theremins make this quite different from our previous endurance-test record of 1996 (Akasha Gulva.) Loads of change ups make it a very catchy Merzbow release. It feature beautiful full-colour packaging as shown here.

Keiji Haino: So, Black Is Myself

Album cover for So, Black Is Myself by Keiji Haino

One his most minimal releases, So Black Is Myself is a 66 minute eerie recording. A single fluctuating tone carries silence, chanting and guitar over a piece which will consume the listener.

Aube: Cardiac Strain

Album cover for Cardiac Strain by Aube Download: $7.99

Our first release with Aube uses only the human heart as a sound source.

Merzbow: Akasha Gulva

Album cover for Akasha Gulva by Merzbow

Merzbow’s first release on Alien8 Recordings. A single live track of 73 minutes that is relentless. Absolutely brutal!