Francisco López: Addy en el paîs de las frutas y los chunches

At this point an introduction hardly seems necessary. Madrid, Spain’s Francisco López has developed his art over the last 20 some years to the point that he is rarely met or challenged. Much of this due to his ever-burgeoning collection of incredible releases on labels all over the world as well as a relentless schedule of concert, festival appearances and collaborations.

We have already presented two separate releases by López in his on-going series of untitled recordings: “untitled #104”, the death metal release, and “untitled #123”. We are very pleased to be able to announce the availability of the artist’s most astonishing recorded work yet! “Addy en el paîs de las frutas y los chunches” was originally released in an edition of 500 copies on the ND label in 1997.

This release is most comparable to efforts that centered more on the environmental aspects of artist’s work and is somewhat comparable to releases such as “La Selva” and “Untitled Music for Geography”. “Addy” was the first American release by López and to this day remains the artist’s favorite release. The sound world created and captured by Francisco López on this recording is absolutely incredible, a beautifully horrifying listening experience. This could very possibly be one of the most important ambient records of the last 10 years and truly reinvents the concept of field recordings.

Without a doubt, this could easily serve as some of the most effective soundtrack music ever. This recording transcends mundane aural experiences. The listener will recognize many sounds but will have never quite heard them like this. It is environmental music without even the slightest influence of New Age. Far from it, this is much more in the area of massive drone music or even at times dark ambient. It should also be an important release for fans of electro-acoustic music. It is astonishing how many sounds are perceivable and coming from every direction. Listening to this in the dark would probably prove to be too mind bending for many people.

As you know by now, Alien8 Recordings greatly admires the work and vision of Francisco López. Having already released two previous recordings and having presented five live events, we couldn’t be happier than the prospect of re-issuing one the artist’s most substantial recorded offerings. We have reworked the packaging with the input of López and are pleased to that the reissue will be one of the few López release to feature full-colour artwork.

Release date: January 19, 2003

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Addy en el paîs de las frutas y los chunches by Francisco López
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1 Addy En El País De Las Frutas Y Los Chunches 14:24 $2.99
2 Paloconsor, Tres Mitocondrias Y Lucha Por El Liquido Emporante 26:03 $4.99
3 Nueavas Aventuras Del Gusano Medidor Gimniginniggimnig En Las Montanas De Escazu 18:02 $2.99
Full Downloadable Album 58:29 $8.99
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Photograph of Francisco López

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