Kiss Me Deadly: Amoreux Cosmiques

Kiss Me Deadly is a Montreal based four-piece that has progressed from its more emo/math-rock beginnings to forge a deeply melodic, epic, and danceable brand of music. The four songs on “Amoureux Cosmiques” are sparkling pop gems that manage to be both moody and uplifting through a combination of ethereal vocals, chiming guitars, and sprightly rhythms. This tour-only EP consists of advance mixes from their forthcoming full-length on Alien8 Recordings to be released this Fall. The EP is being release to coincide with their North American tour in support of Bloc Party.

Named after the classic 1955 film noir, this band has been building a buzz for several years due to their excellent live shows. The group is made up of Emily Elizabeth on vocals and guitar, Adam Poulin on guitar and vocals, Mathieu du Montier on bass and vocals and Erik Petersen on drums. Musically they bring to mind a number of classic bands form the last three decades including Echo And The Bunnymen, The Sugarcubes and Sonic Youth, and the band claim such disparate influences as King Crimson, U2, and Daft Punk.

“Dance 4” and “Dance 1”, the first two tracks on “Amoureux Cosmiques” are especially striking and both are highlighted by Emily’s breathy, beguiling vocal set over palpitating drum beats and melodic, swirling guitars. Matthieu takes over lead vocal duties on “Pop,” the anthemic third track and turns in a soulful and edgy performance. The band displays a less immediate but equally intriguing side on the haunting and intricate final track, “Groove”.

Kiss Me Deadly’s recorded output to date consists of the “Travel Light” CD on the Blue Skies Turn Black label and a split 7" with Montreal band Spengler. Having played with Rye Coalition, Isis, Les Georges Leningrad, Rainer Maria, Pinback, The Constantines, and The Ponys, Kiss Me Deadly have since been handpicked by British rising stars Bloc Party as openers on a late spring tour of North America. This will give the band an opportunity to showcase their strengths as a potent live force to a wide audience and they will surely woo more converts to their ever-increasing fan base.

Release date: May 20, 2005

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Amoreux Cosmiques by Kiss Me Deadly