Merzbow: Aqua Necromancer

This is our third release by Masami Akita, and certainly the most dynamic. On this recording Akita has included the use of sampled drums, lifted from the likes Soft Machine, L’Orme and others.

From the super beat-heavy Contrapuntti Indian to Farsa del Buen Vivir, the most listener-friendly Merzbow track ever, Aqua Necromancer marks a departure from his more recent super-brutal output—and the results are amazing as well as refreshing.

Aqua Necromancer is complemented by Masami Akita’s photography of Art Deco architecture. The recording will stand out in any Merzbow collection as absolutely top-notch material.

Release date: October 19, 1998

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Aqua Necromancer by Merzbow

Photograph of Merzbow

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