Daniel Menche: Beautiful Blood

Daniel Menche is one of the most exciting experimental music artists currently active in North American. His live performances and numerous recordings have earned him a growing following around the world.

Recently Menche came out of a two year hiatus to resurface with some of his best work, both live and recorded, including his recent releases Face of Vehemence and October’s Larynx, and now the much anticipated Beautiful Blood.

A collaboration between Alien8 Recordings and Daniel Menche has been in the works for years and we are finally able to present one of the artist’s most accomplished recordings, Beautiful Blood. The sound on this recording is what one might expect?insanely powerful drone based music composed of the richly layered sounds of different instruments and field recordings, allowing the listener to pick up on new sounds and subtleties with every listen. This is incredibly unusual music that takes influence from both ambient and noise circles and blends the two to fantastic results. The final product is a very unique style of drone music that has incredibly rich and powerful sound.

This work can be compared to works and stylistic approaches taken by the likes of Francisco Lopez, Phil Niblock and Hermann Nitsch, in terms of their use of layering massive drones to create portions of their work.

Early on in his career Menche developed a reputation for creating a different type of noise that relies more on the human body than various types of electronic instruments. While issuing countless CD and vinyl releases on labels such as Trente Oiseaux, Soliel Moon, Tesco, Ant Zen and Touch, Menche constantly gained more and more control over his art. More recent efforts such as the Crawling Towards the Sun CDEP (Soleilmoon) and October’s Larynx (Alluvial) have focused on the more ambient aspects of his work. It is only ‘Beautiful Blood’ that truly manages to capture the power and beauty of both the more ambient elements as well as some of the most brutally powerful moments to surface from Menche thus far.

Release date: March 04, 2003

Label: Alien8 Recordings

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