David Kristian: Beneath the Valley of the Modulars

As part of upcoming release blowout with Canadian experimentalist David Kristian we are quite excited to be presenting his first beat-oriented full length since 1994’s Synesthesia release. We have rescued the Beneath the Valley of the Modulars recording that received loads of pre-release press only to be shelved for some two years by Discreet, due to label inactivity…perhaps removing the spotlight from the up and coming Kristian.

Kristian has released various 12" lp’s and compilation appearances for labels like Worm Interface, Lo Recordings, Suction, Discreet, Drop Beat, Interchill and most recently Ninja Tune, not to mention a full length, a split cd with Sian and various compilation appearances for Alien8 Recordings.

Beneath the Valley of the Modulars is the first of two new releases by David Kristian for Alien8recordings. The second release, Room Tone continues to explore along the lines of Cricklewood [ALIENCD5] and Tacoma Narrows Bridge [ALIENCD8]. This second release of 1999 owes itself in part to the young musicians recent involvement with sound design and even more recently the gig of creating both room tones and the musical scores on upcoming horror film projects.

A couple of years ago Kristian was receiving tremendous press as a drum n’ bass maverick, a musical style the artist himself says he never took very seriously. This release represents what David Kristian and Alien8 Recordings assembled from hours upon hours of sifting through finished tracks and what we feel to be his finest beat/techno material to date. Material on Modulars represents music produced during the period of 1994-1999. Regardless of when the pieces were recorded they retain the timeless quality that so much of Kristian’s work does, in the same way that Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works 1 & 2 remain fresh pieces of music today.

David Kristian has shared the stage with likes of Autechre, Granular Synthesis, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Panasonic and Non Place Urban Field among others.

Release date: June 01, 1999

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Beneath the Valley of the Modulars by David Kristian
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1 Stumble Pickwick While I Try Out This Mess 3:33 $0.99
2 Suction Cup Race 3:17 $0.99
3 Mouthfully 4:17 $0.99
4 <<AV>> 7:03 $0.99
5 Flywheel 5:57 $0.99
6 Spangled Hint Of Tarpit 4:19 $0.99
7 Idiotland 6:00 $0.99
8 Sound Of Clara 5:48 $0.99
9 Sourpuss 7:37 $0.99
10 Bad Mood No. 3672 5:42 $0.99
11 Moccasin 2:52 $0.99
12 Whippany II 4:13 $0.99
13 Insihgt (Sic) 7:05 $0.99
Full Downloadable Album 67:43 $7.99
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