Various: Blankfield

‘Blank Field’ is a program of experimental music that was curated by Francisco López for the event ‘Cité des Ondes’ organized by Champ Libre in Montreal from September 16 to 23, 2002.

We are pleased to share this documentation of that event. This collection of excerpts features live segments from Oren Ambarchi, Daniel Menche, Merzbow, Shunichiro Okada, Manon Anne Gillis and Michael Northam. The live material has been mixed, edited and mastered by Francisco López. Track indexes are in place so the listener has the option of skipping to specific segments if desired.

This compilation offers many highlights. There is stunning live action from Merzbow in which Masami Akita sounds as fresh and exciting as ever with a blend of rhythmic noise and low-end rumble. Throughout his performance Merzbow pans sounds from speaker to speaker, while constantly adding layers of density to the performance. Daniel Menche’s live set is done justice here on record without the aid of his totally cathartic stage presence. Here Menche creates a wall of deeply saturated raw sounds and power drones. Shinichiro Okada’s contributes a brutal piece of totally raw digital sound. Oren Ambarchi presents a beautiful set of plucked strings over a gentle drones blended with swashes of vintage electronics.

The Blank Field compilation is packaged in the same style as many of Fracisco Lopez’ own works, housed in a slim line jewel case with track listings, artist info and basic info on the manifestation itself.

1. manon anne gillis [7:19]
2. michael northam [14:13]
3. oren ambarchi [9:55]
4. shunichiro okada [9:52]
5. merzbow [12:44]
6. daniel menche [12:02]

Recorded live at the Craig Pumping Station (Montréal) in September 2002.
Live recordings by Eric Mattson.

Release date: July 12, 2005

Label: Alien8 Recordings

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