Menace Ruine: Cult of Ruins

Hailing from the frozen north of the province of Québec comes the duo cloaked in mystery, simply known as Menace Ruine. Since the release of their blazing self-produced demo, In Vulva Infernum, they have allowed themselves to perform live and over the course of the last year have quickly risen to the top of the food chain in Montreal.

At Alien8 Recordings we have flirted with the outer circles of metal through our three releases from Nadja and now, with Montreal’s Menace Ruine, we dive further into its darkened depths.

On Cult of Ruins one is subjected to a blend of super-intense sound layered with horrific howls and relentless blast beats, only to then be confronted with a melodic and haunting ambient approach that still retains immense power. In this respect Menace Ruine bare some resemblance to the mysterious French post-black metal horde Deathspell Omega who have become famous for juxtaposing ambient music with absolutely crushing metal.

Standout cuts on Cult of Ruins include Dove Instinct, which opens up with a beautifully haunting intro constructed with the use of controlled feedback that would not appear out of place on a recording from fellow Canadians Nadja. Eventually the noise subsides and gives way to a wave of ambient brutality that is both ear rattling and pretty at the same time. The album’s second song, Sky as a Reversed Abyss, opens on the ambient tip and moves at a much slower pace than much of the recording, serving mainly to build on the band’s mystical feel before dissolving into the breakneck pace of Kill the Egregore. Bonded By Wyrd is an absolute standout track that is spearheaded by an incredibly catchy riff, backed with droning melodic vocals. An occult vibe runs through most of the album but it is particularly felt on this cut. This song is the band’s current live hit and for good reason, as it seems to empower the listener.

Coinciding with our own release, Menace Ruine will also be reissuing their debut, In Vulva Infernum, as a cassette.

Cult of Ruins is guided by the mastering hand of the esteemed James Plotkin (member of Khlyst, former member of Khanate and OLD) and handsomely packaged in a digipak.

Release date: March 11, 2008

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Cult of Ruins by Menace Ruine
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1 Process of Bestialization 2:18 $0.99
2 Sky as a Reversed Abyss 5:53 $0.99
3 Kill the Egregore 5:37 $0.99
4 They Who Enter Caves 8:10 $1.99
5 Bonded by Wyrd 11:50 $2.99
6 Dove Instinct 5:17 $1.99
7 Atavism 2:43 $0.99
Full Downloadable Album 41:48 $7.99
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