Alexandre St-Onge: Image/Négation

We are very pleased to announce the debut solo release from one of Canada’s most exciting free music/experimental artists, Alexandre St-Onge. The three track debut experiments with extremely subtle changes, with great importance being placed on the contrasts between noise and silence. Admirers of sound sculptors such as Bernhard Gunter, Alan Lamb and Francisco Lopez should enjoy this body of work. St-Onge’s debut can be compared to, or at least resembles in some respects some of Jim O’Rourke’s electroacoustic outings, such as Terminal Pharmacy and others. At the same time it displays a very subtle ferocity, comparable to that of John Duncan, Daniel Menche, and the gentler side of Knurl.

Image/Négation is a concept recording right down to it’s unusual packaging. It is packaged in a jewel case with a transparent acetate tray card and including a 4" piece of 1/8 inch copper wire. The packaging was inspired in part by Table of the Elements’ untitled release by Francisco Lopez. The idea of including an actual tangible object was that of the artist.

This recording will be our first to focus on concrete music, the parallel universe to harsh noise. We are very pleased and equally confident to debut in this area of sound with Alexandre St-Onge. Also look for his contribution of bowed bass, as part of the Shalabi Effect, on the new upcoming split cd release with Constellation/Kranky’s Godspeed You Black Emperor! St-Onge has already recorded and performed with the likes of David Kristian, Martin Tétreault and Christof Migone and begins a tutelage with AMM’s Keith Rowe in Paris, this spring. Also, Klaxon Guelle, a free jazz trio featuring Alexandre St-Onge will perform this spring at the very prestigious Festival Musique Actuelle in Victoriaville, Quebec.

Image/Négation opens with an epic track of incredibly dense mixture of rhythmic rumbles and various field recordings beautifully sewn together. An absolutely moving experience on headphones or very powerful sound systems. The remaining two tracks are less subtle in their sensory attack. Strong influences of electroacoustic and musique concrete intertwined with a positive use of noise, result in a very rewarding listening experience.

Release date: May 01, 1999

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Image/Négation by Alexandre St-Onge

Photograph of Alexandre St-Onge

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