Blessure Grave: Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six

Founded as a duo by T. Graves and Reyna Kay in September 2008, Blessure Grave blurs the lines between the Goth, Post Punk and Neo Folk genres. The pair has since developed the project into a full band while building a cult-like following, scattering various vinyl and tape releases on boutique labels around the globe.

Citing Killing Joke, Death in June, March Violets and The Cure as influences, Blessure Grave injects a pop sensibility into songs otherwise doomed to dreariness, creating an interesting mix of old and new but dark all around. The music initially appears rather simple, but quickly reveals the fact that the songs are fully fleshed-out and genuinely memorable. Perhaps what is misleading at first is that the recordings sound as though they were created in some kult black metal band’s dungeon for maximum fog-at-dusk fidelity.

Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six is the debut full-length release by Blessure Grave. While a vinyl edition limited to 500 copies will be issued by Release the Bats in the UK, the CD version will also include 4 tracks lifted from their debut 12” EP Learn to Love the Rope, originally released on Captured Tracks.

The album provides the perfect soundtrack for contemplating today’s troubled times or for simply being swept away with the nostalgic 80’s vibe that permeates much of the recording. The band does not waste a lot a time allowing tracks to drone on: the songs are short and to the point, with the average track approximately three minutes in length. A number of the tracks on the album could be considered singles. Take for example the beautifully haunting duet Resting Place For Two, where band leaders Grave and Kay share vocal duties. Equally enjoyable are pieces like Hope For The Worst, In My Mind, The Cycle and In The First Place.

Blessure Grave will initially perform around their native California in addition to concerts in Austin, Texas for the 2010 edition of SXSW, with more substantial touring planned for both America and Europe later in the year.

*We now have a limited quantity of the Release The Bats vinyl version of the record while supplies last.

Release date: February 09, 2010

Label: Alien8 Recordings

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4 Stop Breathing 2:20 $0.99
5 Open or Shut 4:44 $0.99
6 In the First Place 2:48 $0.99
7 Changes in the Darkness 3:09 $0.99
8 Resting Place for Two 2:33 $0.99
9 In My Mind 2:45 $0.99
10 Hope for the Worst 3:00 $0.99
11 Echo 2:52 $0.99
12 Feeding the Silence 3:04 $0.99
13 Learn to Love the Rope 2:23 $0.99
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