Alexandre St-Onge: Mon animal est possible

“Mon animal est possible” is a collection of electronic love songs written and conceived by Alexandre St-Onge, whose purpose behind the recordings was to try to communicate with monsters and exorcise/exercise his own monstrosity through them, thus making possible his own animal.

A collection of eight pieces of just under 40 minutes, “Mon animal est possible” reveals St-Onge at his most melodious and sensuous thus far. The album is largely centered on vocals, both those of St-Onge and his partner Fanny. This is the polar opposite of his debut solo effort released by Alien8 back in 1999; St-Onge has traded in massive passages of near silence for lush ballads and love songs filled with vocals and cinematic backgrounds.

It is rather difficult to draw contemporary comparisons to this recording, although one may be reminded of the recently reissued classic “L’enfant assassin des mouches” by Jean Claude Vannier. In terms of more recently released music similarities could be drawn to the experimental passages from vocalists like Scott Walker and Robert Wyatt.

Alexandre St-Onge has been releasing music with Alien8 Recordings for over eight years beginning with his debut solo effort “Image/Negation” as our thirteenth release back in May 1999. Since then we have released his work as a member of Shalabi Effect, his trio with David Kristian and Sam Shalabi as well as his kraut rock-inspired project Et Sans, not to mention numerous releases on which he is a guest performer. Outside of Alien8 Recordings St-Onge has released three solo efforts as well a fantastic body of work with his electronic improv project, Klaxon Gueule.

“Mon animal est possible” is beautifully presented in digipack with artwork courtesy of Alexandre St-Onge.

Release date: July 10, 2007

Label: Alien8 Recordings

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1 mon animal est possible 1:37 $0.99
2 la passion de la transparence 6:46 $0.99
3 l'extase spectrale 3:04 $0.99
4 les plus qu'humains 6:42 $0.99
5 l'épiphanie duride 6:46 $0.99
6 l'animal chante chou 3:07 $0.99
7 bébé 5:26 $0.99
8 l'étendue du possible 3:45 $0.99
Full Downloadable Album 37:13 $4.99
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