Adam Frank and Sam Shalabi: Overpass! A Melodrama

A mix of dialogue, interviews, documentary material, and composed music, “Overpass!” presents the story of Antonia, a new arrival to Vancouver, BC who finds herself mystified by the city. In seven vignettes Antonia orients herself through encounters with real and fictional locals. She investigates the city’s peculiarities, including its preoccupation with nature, failed freeway projects, and attempts at urban planning.

Weirdly drawn to the Keefer Street pedestrian overpass and its history, Antonia tries to understand the feel of the city and its incomplete modernization.

The CD is the result of a collaboration between Adam Frank, who teaches American literature at the University of British Columbia, and Sam Shalabi, a Montréal-based composer and musician. Sam Shalabi has been a longtime member of the Alien8 Recordings family, with two solo releases, “Osama” and “On Hashish”, his trio recording with David Kristian and Alexandre St-Onge as well as four recordings with his psychedelic improv ensemble Shalabi Effect.

The musicians on the album include Josh Stevenson, Kate Lawrence, Jeff Allport, and Rob Sparks.

“Overpass!” is a 500-copy limited edition release specially packaged in our custom gatefold CD package with a 36 page libretto.

Release date: May 01, 2007

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Overpass! A Melodrama by Adam Frank and Sam Shalabi