Et Sans: Par noussss touss les trous de vos crânes!

Et Sans’ long awaited debut for Alien8 Recodings dispels the notion that all Montreal bands that include members from the Alien8 and Constellation camps sound the same. While there are distinct traces of Le Fly Pan Am and Shalabi Effect we feel confident that this is not what most listeners will expect.

Many people may remember Et Sans’ first release on Chicago’s Locust music, a fantastic slumbering experimental release. At that time the project consisted of Roger Tellier-Craig (Le Fly Pan Am, set fire to flames and ex-godspeed you! Black emperor) and Alexandre St-Onge (Shalabi Effect and Klaxon Gueule). They have since grown into a full band, adding Felix Morel (Le Fly Pan Am) on drums, Sophie Trudeau (godspeed you! black emperor, set fire to flames and silver mt. Zion) on violin and vocals and Stephen De Oliveira on electronics and vocals.

Along with the line-up changes has come a drastic shift in sound. The quintet seamlessly intermingle experimental based psychedelic-pop with vintage minimal post-industrial dance music with nods towards classic kraut rock of the 70’s.

The recording is made up of four tracks. Opening up the recording is a very gentle piece blending whispered vocals and various spliced-up tape samples backed with simple electronic background. The second track has the group sounding quite a bit like NYC legends Suicide if they were lost in a sea of electronic Xenakis. It is not as though they are deliberately trying to sound like the famed no-wavers, but they utilize similar primitive electronic sounds and screamed vocals. The third track sounds like it could be a long lost gem discovered on an obscure film soundtrack. This track doesn’t resemble anything else out there, or even the other tracks on the recording. The recording’s closure is an absolutely stunning track that would not have been out of place on Le Fly Pan Am’s most recent release, “N’Écoutez Pas”. Drummer Morel is in fine form here grounding the piece while St-Onge, Tellier-Craig and De Oliveira lace the track with spliced vocals and splintered electronics.

Et Sans have not really existed as a live band until recently and have since managed to gig alongside the likes of Black Dice, Francisco López, Daniel Menche and Wolf Eyes.

Release date: April 05, 2005

Label: Alien8 Recordings

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1 La chose nue nue nue ou l'amoncellement spectral du mal 5:20 $1.99
2 Une bouche végétale, des créatures soufflent des sécrétions du tout fout le camp 18:40 $1.99
3 Mademoiselle Ogive, un tremblement osseux dans le derrière 10:09 $1.99
4 Les courbes sanglantes entendues de l'organe trop vraiment halluciné 11:16 $1.99
Full Downloadable Album 45:25 $2.99
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