Christof Migone: Quieting

“In 1996 I recorded the cannon that is fired every day at noon in Halifax, Nova Scotia, all pieces here are based on that recording or inspired by the shock of the shot.”
Christof Migone, 2001.

Alien8 Recordings brings you the fourth solo recording from conceptual sound artist Christof Migone, presenting Quieting. Perhaps this is the recording people were expecting us to release from Francisco Lopez, incredibly minimal indeed.

Quieting is a fine example of the artist’s ability to pay attention to minute detail. The record runs just over 40 minutes and features 18 different tracks that play in and out of each other in a similar vein to Ryoji Ikeda‘s +/- cd. Sounds on the recording range from pulsing electro glitch popularized by the likes of Pan sonic, Rehberg & Bauer and Migone’s own duo Undo with Alexandre St-Onge. It features field recordings and experimentation with periods of silence, reminiscent of projects by folks like Brandon LaBelle, Steve Roden, Achim Wollscheid and Tokyo’s WrK collective of Minoru Sato, Atsushi Tominaga and Toshiya Tsunoda.

Christof Migone, currently residing in NYC, has been active in the sound art scene quite regularly for the last decade and generally operates out of Montreal, Quebec. Migone has released his previous solo full-length works with Avatar, ND and Squint Fucker Press. Christof Migone has performed at Experimental Intermedia, Khyber Arts Center, Resonance FM, Musique Fragile, KunstRadio, Radio-Canada, Ars Electronica, and has had installations exhibited at the Banff Center, Gallery 101, Studio Five Beekman, Art Lab, eyelevelgallery and the Forest City Gallery. He is the co-editor with Brandon LaBelle of the book and cd project Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language (Errant Bodies Press, 2001).

Quieting is packaged in beautifully in a digi-pack with very sharp minimal artwork, designed by Migone himself.

Release date: March 06, 2001

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Quieting by Christof Migone

Photograph of Christof Migone

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