Nadja: Radiance of Shadows

Now available on vinyl. See below for more info.

The Canadian ambient doom band Nadja returns with Radiance of Shadows, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed Touched release.

Radiance of Shadows is a mammoth monster of a record, spanning well over an hour with three tracks that are more epic and heavier than ever. Nadja’s constantly increasing fan base will not be disappointed with this outing; it’s classic Nadja. Radiance of Shadows has the feel of the super-saturated and dense recordings favoured by the likes of Fennesz and Tim Hecker but with the bite of metal.

Nadja is one of the most respected projects outsider metal projects, with two previous releases on Alien8 Recordings, as well as Body Cage on Profound Lore and a number of limited edition offerings on labels such as Archive, Equation and Conspiracy.

Radiance of Shadows opens rather gently taking it’s time to give birth to an amazing Isis-like riff which becomes completely washed out with Nadja’s trademark wall of ambient noise. Just when you think it cannot get any louder or more saturated it begins to subside into another more subdued section of ambience and occasional riffing. This eventually gives way to a brutal tandem of guitar and drums that recalls early Swans. Nadja has an unique ability to make their long recordings seem like they are a few tracks blending into one as oppose to the grandiose epics that they are.

The band recently completed a small European with Troum and in the past has performed with artists such as Isis, Tim Hecker, Ocean, Fear Falls Burning and Bloody Panda. The band plans to continue supporting their recorded output with live shows and touring whenever possible.

The vinyl version has been release by Conspiracy records in Belgium and copies are now available from Alien8 Recordings. This double LP is limited to 750 copies and is beautifully packaged, with a small number of colored vinyl copies available. The colored copies will be shipped automatically to those who order this item while supplies last.

Release date: October 09, 2007

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Radiance of Shadows by Nadja
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1 now i am become death the destroyer of worlds 23:20 $3.99
2 i have tasted the fire inside your mouth 27:18 $3.99
3 radiance of shadows 28:51 $3.99
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