David Kristian: Room Tone

Canadian electronic composer David Kristian returns with his fifth release for Alien8 Recordings, Room Tone. This latest offering from the critically acclaimed composer is comprised of further experimentations in the vein of his Tacoma Narrows Bridge recording. It was largely inspired by his recent interest in cinematic sound design. These are the imaginary soundtracks to scenes residing in the head of the composer.

Kristian has created a fascinating release which highlights many of his trademark sounds. It features incredibly dense ambient movements, and very subtle low-end minimal beats layered with actual field recordings. At times Room Tone hints at the Mego sound and it also gives a nod towards dark ambient.

Kristian spent a fair part of last winter collecting various field recordings around Montreal. Featured on this recording are underground parking lots, freezers, tunnels, bridges, basements and boston terriers. He recorded the bulk of the recordings straight to mini disc and then processed and mixed the recordings using a digital multitracker. The outcome is quite fascinating. Very complex structures unfold from what at first seems to be minimal drones.

David Kristian has been receiving critical acclaim since his arrival at Alien8 Recordings. His first release, Cricklewood, shocked many people without a beat in sight, but was admired in the experimental electronics world.

David Kristian highlighted his interest in live sound most recently at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, along with others like Jim O’Rourke/Gunter Muller, ISO and Merzbow. Kristian is perhaps the most purely electronic artist to have been invited to the prestigious festival thus far. He rarely performs live, but has performed with the likes of Autechre, godspeed you black emperor, Granular Synthesis, Haino Keiji, Pan Sonic, Pole, Sensorband, Solvent and Martin Tetreault.

This release eschews our traditional jewel case packaging for the time being and instead uses our new custom packaging, which is similar to a miniature gatefold double lp, with two pockets opening on the outer edges.

Release date: January 17, 2000

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Room Tone by David Kristian
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2 Mumbling Heights 2:25 $0.99
3 Loomis 6:56 $0.99
4 Dog Dreams Of Running 7:49 $0.99
5 Bridge Tone 9:37 $0.99
6 Memoryard 3:45 $0.99
7 A tail; how unusual... 5:54 $0.99
8 Basement Tone 9:33 $0.99
9 Tube Syrup 12:36 $0.99
10 Norak 4:32 $0.99
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