Aube: Sensorial Inducement

Alien8 Recordings is finally issuing its first vinyl release, Aube’s Sensorial Inducement. Aube’s earlier work shares many characteristics with some of Japan’s noise artists but he has gradually drifted much more in the ambient direction. Recently Aube has amassed a number of ambient releases on various labels.

We have spoken about the release of this record for more than a year now and feel that the timing is right to release it because the sound is so much different than Nakajima’s current processed noise/ambient outings on other labels. We are behind releasing a work that was recorded as far back as 1996 because some of Aube’s most exciting work came out during that period.

Aube’s sound on this record may surprise some listeners. On Sensorial Inducement Aube uses one monophonic analog synthesizer, a Roland SH-2. The outcome is fantastic! The overall sound is really quite unusual. Due to instrumentation the recording has a very early electronic sound, at times reminiscent of Pauline Oliveros’ Electronic Works and Alien Bog period or David Kristian’s Cricklewood. There are also nods to electro acoustique composers like Bernard Parmigiani, Francois Bayle and co, as well has Psychedelic overtones in the style of early Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. There are even hints of very abstract techno.

During the last couple of years Alien8 Recordings has brought to light a number of works from Aube, including the incredibly well received Cardiac Strain. Our previous releases with Aube were fashioned as all of his recordings, with one particular sound source, the human heart and then cellular phones [Split cd with knurl]. Aube aka Akifumi Nakajima also appeared with Shoei Iwasaki as Sian on a split cd with David Kristian. All of our previous releases with Aube are now out of print. There are plans for a new cd with Aube in 2000, and we will host Aube when he plays live in Montreal during his first visit to Canada in April 2000.

The lp is sleeved in black textured linen paper jacket and features Akifumi Nakajima’s stunning design which has been stamped with silver foil. The lp has been cut to play from the inside out, with a locked groove to avoid needle destruction. The lp is hand numbered of 500 copies and will not be re-pressed. We suspect that Sensorial Inducement will sell out quite rapidly, so pre-orders are suggested.

Track Listing:
Side a: In Sensorium
Side b: Lag Out / Sensorial Inducement.

Release date: January 01, 2000

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Sensorial Inducement by Aube
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1 In Sensorium 17:24 $2.99
2 Lag Out 13:54 $2.99
3 Sensorial Inducement 9:37 $1.99
Full Downloadable Album 40:55 $6.99
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