Keiji Haino: So, Black Is Myself

So, Black Is Myself. “Wisdom that bless I, who live in the spiral joy born at the utter end of a black prayer.” Keiji Haino.

All words/music by Keiji Haino.
Not using over dubbing or tapes.
Recorded 1997.

Haino steps into new ground with an eerie one track release of 69 minutes. A single fluctuating tone carries silence, chanting and guitar over a piece which will consume the listener.

“Of all the Japanese musicians now coming to prominence in the West, Keiji Haino is the most extraordinary. His music, shrouded in mystery, describes a personal quest of withering complexity and intensity.” – Biba Kopf, The Wire #151.

Release date: April 01, 1997

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for So, Black Is Myself by Keiji Haino