Merzbow: Space Metalizer

Alien8 Recordings is proud to announce the release of Merzbow’s Space Metalizer. Ambient space effects derived from Moogs and Theremins make this quite different from our previous endurance-test record of 1996 (Akasha Gulva.) Loads of change ups make it a very catchy Merzbow release. It feature beautiful full-colour packaging as shown here.

All Composed and Performed by Masami Akita.
Digital Mastered at ZSF PRODUKT, Jan 1997

Track Listing:

  1. Space Metalizer Pt. 1 (13.51)
  2. Son of Zechen (13.35)
  3. Efface (18.45)
  4. Space MetalizerPart 2 (16.42)
  5. Mirage (9.11) bonus track

Release date: June 01, 1997

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Space Metalizer by Merzbow

Photograph of Merzbow

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