Knurl: Torus

Quite a while back we featured Knurl as part of a split release with Aube, that sold out it’s pressing within it’s first month of release. Recently Alan Bloor, a.k.a. Knurl, has been building quite a name for himself in the underground scene. Next to the likes of Hermit and Bastard Noise, he is one of the most commonly dropped names. Knurl is also featured on the Coalescence compilation (aliencd14), as well as the recent 6 cd boxset remembering 1998’s No Music Festival, in London, Ont. On his cd, he is featured collaborating with the likes of Alan Licht, Thurston Moore and Hijokaiden’s JoJo.

Knurl certainly has a lot in common with other very physical noise makers. Definite comparisons can be made to the likes of the Haters, Kapotte Muziek and Daniel Menche. He is easily one of the most exciting live players in the harsh noise realm and packs a punch that is equal to that of heavy hitters such as C.C.C.C, Incapacitants and Merzbow. We plan to follow up Torus with a full scale release, but until that time we will take full advantage of the CDR medium which allows for much greater flexibility in terms of pressing sizes.

Torus is hand numbered in a special packaging limited to 100 copies.

Release date: May 01, 1999

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Torus by Knurl

Photograph of Knurl

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