Nadja: Touched

Now available on vinyl. See below for more info.

Announcing “Touched”, our second release by the up and coming ambient doom band Nadja.

The Outsider Metal genre of has really taken off over the last couple of years and while some projects may suffer from its over-saturation, we feel Nadja’s versatility will allow them to escape this fate.

Nadja is made of Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff. Baker, the project’s founder is an insanely prolific musician under his own name under which he releases solo works for such prestigious labels as Germany’s Die Stadt, as well countless CD and CD-R releases all over the world. He is also an accomplished poet and visual artist. Buckareff rounds out the band on bass guitar and backing vocals.

While credit is owed to likes of such pioneering legends Earth, current king pins SUNN ((O))) and Boris for defining the genre, Nadja take more inspiration from artists hailing from the Dark Ambient and Electronica fields. Passages on this latest release can be compared to saturated wall of ambient noise perfected by the likes of Tim Hecker and Fennesz or Justin K. Broadrick’s Jesu project.

Like the sound of our earlier “Truth Becomes Death” release, “Touched” is ambient music being pushed to it’s breaking point, yet the overall feel is a slightly more gentle. Parts of the album feature the use of clean undistorted vocals, something rather unique in the genre, hinting at the sounds of such bands as Codeine, Swans or Joe Preston’s Thrones project.

In a very short time Nadja have established themselves as a band to watch due to their hard work ethic, prolific output and live performances. In this year alone Nadja have managed to tour or open for the likes of ISIS, Khanate, Tim Hecker, Troum, Fear Falls Burning, Helios Creed and Mare among countless others.

San Francisco Record store Aquarius Records says of Nadja, “Utter and absolute loveliness drenched in a thick patina of crushing heaviness. Impossible but perfect.”

The vinyl version has been release by Conspiracy records in Belgium and copies are now available from Alien8 Recordings. This double LP is limited to 750 copies and is beautifully packaged, with a small number of colored vinyl copies available. The colored copies will be shipped automatically to those who order this item while supplies last.

Click here and here for images of the artwork of the vinyl edition.

Release date: March 13, 2007

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Touched by Nadja
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1 mutagen 14:17 $2.99
2 stays demons 9:54 $1.99
3 incubation / metamorphosis 18:07 $2.99
4 flowers of flesh 13:08 $1.99
5 untitled 4:14 $0.99
Full Downloadable Album 59:40 $7.99
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