The Unicorns: Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?

New vinyl pressing now available. Features full-colour gatefold jacket and LP on pink vinyl. Very few copies remaining of the current pressing.

Get yourself ready and put your hands together for the “blow-up” sensation of the rest of your lives: The Unicorns, Alien8 Recordings’ latest addition, have arrived to save you, to let you save them, and consequently make-up the face of modern music. Having blossomed in Montreal, Quebec, The Unicorns have packed their things and are heading to all the roads in all the world for an unforeseeable amount of time, backing up their reputation as being Canada’s most promising new band, and planet Earth’s next big thing.

FACT: The Unicorns have a gift for blending a morbid sense of humour with irresistible pop melodies caked with beautiful vocals employing thoughtful, near-sacred lyrics.

FACT: The Unicorns don’t push the envelope, these assholes sign, seal and deliver their work to the north, south, east and west, in limited edition holographic 3-D!

Upon seeing this band live, it’s impossible to deny that there are supernatural forces at play. You’ll never know what you are in for — a performance (i.e. a puppet show, a homeless person hired to impersonate the band, bizarre costumes, a bloody fight between band members) or simply sweet boys delivering the sweet goods. But regardless of what shape their live performance takes on, it never fails to be deeply moving and highly entertaining. You will leave a believer.

“Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?” features thirteen tracks deeply rooted in careful songwriting and lo-fi pop experimentalism that scream “FRESH”, “INCOMPARABLE”, “AHEAD OF ITS TIME”, “HAUNTING” “CHARMING” “SEXY”, “FUNNY” and “FUCKING BRILLIANT”.

The recording opens with “I Don’t Wanna Die,” a plea to the makers of the universe to “grant me one more breath”, setting the tone for the overall theme of the album. ‘Tuff Ghost” takes the intensity up a notch with The Unicorns’ attempt to cash in on the disco punk sound. “Ghost Mountain” is a lyrical tale of colonialism blanketed in a taut metaphor of one journey to the top of a haunted mountain, boasting classic lines like ‘There was heat from the fire, but I still froze when I saw the ghost’. Completing the ghost trilogy, “Sea Ghost,” a pithy pop tune in the purest form, will stick with you for days, eating at your insides and turning your skin green, not unlike a parasite attached to your leg at the bottom of the ocean. In terms of sonorous diseases, “Jellybones” is maybe the most infectious pop tune on the record, ending too soon, but sticking around so long. Analog synthesizers never sounded this good. But suddenly, the smoking urgency of “The Clap” re-awakens the unsettling undercurrent of the album, in a wiry, unforgiving 1:25. The band’s sing-along Motown-inspired “I Was Born a Unicorn” serves as the band’s confrontational anthem, flatly asking: Are you a believer?. “Tuff Luff” will make Jay-Z wet his pants when he hears it! The song’s hook comes in the form of a penny whistle, but the impact remains in the wry critical observations of U.S.A. foreign policy. And then, just as you’ve embraced the Unicorns as your favourite band… it’s over, sharply abrupt and sad (like slipping off a cliff to one’s demise) with “Ready to Die”, a naive dirge, relenting to the unavoidable reality of mortality.

Recently the Unicorns added a third permanent member on drums to fill out the group’s sound, which has proven to be a tremendous help in live situations. The trio completed a countrywide tour of Canada in August with label mates Soft Canyon. More plans for touring North America, and the World are in the works. The band has already shared the stage with Daniel Johnston, Cat Power, I am Spoonbender, Metric, the Microphones / Mt. Eerie, and the Walkmen.

“Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?” on CD is housed in our custom gatefold package, featuring original artwork by Unicorn Nicholas Diamonds.

Release date: October 24, 2003

Label: Alien8 Recordings

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2 Tuff Ghost 2:56 $0.99
3 Ghost Mountain 3:09 $0.99
4 Sea Ghost 3:41 $0.99
5 Jellybones 2:43 $0.99
6 The Clap 1:26 $0.99
7 Child Star 5:20 $0.99
8 Let's Get Known 1:56 $0.99
9 I Was Born (A Unicorn) 2:44 $0.99
10 Tuff Luff 4:17 $0.99
11 Inoculate The Innocuous 5:16 $0.99
12 Les Os 3:31 $0.99
13 Ready To Die 1:42 $0.99
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