David Kristian: Woodworking

Here we present 13 different artists remixing David Kristian. Throughout Woodworking one is subjected to many styles and interpretations. While some artists, including Aube, Farmers Manual, Goem and Rheberg & Bauer, choose to stay close to the original experimental electronic areas, others such as Disc, Lowfish, Phonecia and Solvent reside in much more listener-friendly, beat-oriented atmosphere. The likes of Justin K. Broadrick, Halfmoon Dragster, Square Root of Sub and Inchoate turn in the compilation’s most ambient outings.

We are quite proud of the line-up of participants on this collection of remixes. As you can imagine much of the work is so heavily processed it is quite difficult to recall what is actually being remixed in the first place. There is some absolutely top notch material on Woodworking. Highlights include excellent contributions from Phonecia (I Need a Drug), Solvent (Ciowderlock) and the guitar/electronic epic by Justin K. Broadrick. Also included is one previously unreleased track by David Kristian that resides pretty much in between experimental electronics and his more beat inspired material.

Release date: May 01, 1999

Label: Alien8 Recordings

Album cover for Woodworking by David Kristian

Photograph of David Kristian

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