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Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O were formed in 1995 and celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2005. Originally the Melting Paraiso was intended as just one of various offshoots of the Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective, albeit th...



Afflux (Influx) is a music, produced on-site at a precise time, with material from a precise site. The sites were selected according to a transport-related principle: stations, roads. Mixing and processing are done simultaneously, recording in ste...



Akitsa is a black metal band from Quebec. They now consist of only one member, but were originally a duo. They released the short demo "Totale Servitude" in 1999, which was more of an experiment in various black metal sounds. They pulled it togeth...


Alain de Filippis

This is the closest thing to a noise symphony yet. Many samples of string intruments constructed in a way much like the great masters of classical music would. One of the 'instruments' used is the tape recorder. A great mix of strings and electron...



formed spontaneously in 2000 at a performance at The Ambient Ping, Toronto's long-running live ambient/experimental music series. ARC's sound is centered on the melodic loops, textures, & samples provided by heavily-effected guitar & other melo...


Ash Pool

ASH POOL -Thunderous and mystical Black Metal from one USA's best project, highly recommended!



Aun aka Martin Dumais creates a blend of ambient doom that the artist refers to as "Blight Metal". The sound of Aun takes influence from the fields of classic ambient music as well as the outsider metal movement and shapes it into his own unique t...


Avia Gardner

Avia Gardner is Mitchell and Jenna Robertson.


Aidan Baker

Aidan Baker is a musician and writer currently based in Toronto, Canada. Classically trained in flute, he is self-taught on guitar, drums, and various other instruments. A regular performer in and around Toronto, he has also performed in New York,...


Aidan Baker and Tim Hecker

Aidan Baker is a musician and writer currently based in Toronto, Canada. As a solo artist, Baker explores the deconstructive sonic possibilities of the electric guitar as a primary sound source, creating music that ranges from experimental to post...

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