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AUBE is a solo project, begun in 1991, by Akifumi Nakajima. Taking a minimalist approach for his recordings, Nakajima uses simple source sounds which are fed into his system, then heavily processed into a vast, dimensional, landscape of sonic textures. Source sounds can range from the organic sounds of gurgling water, to isolating elements of technology, such as the curious hum of luminous lamps. The result is a mixture of controlled manipulation and beautiful accident. Since May of 1992, Nakajima started and continues to operate G.R.O.S.S. – his own cassette label dedicated to releasing experimental music, and noise, in addition to his own recordings as Aube. He has worked on recordings with artists from Japan, Europe and the United States in various different capacities and has designed packaging for many other releases.

Releases and items by Aube

Sensorial Inducement by Aube Download: $6.99

Aube: Sensorial Inducement

Alien8 Recordings

Alien8 Recordings is finally issuing its first vinyl release, Aube's Sensorial Inducement. Aube's earlier work shares many characteristics with som...

Aube: Aube / Knurl

Alien8 Recordings

Alien8 Recordings celebrates it's first year anniversary with a split release between Kyoto, Japan's Aube and Toronto, Canada's Knurl. Each artist ...

Cardiac Strain by Aube Download: $7.99

Aube: Cardiac Strain

Alien8 Recordings

Using only the heartbeat as source material, Japanese sound sculptor, Akifumi Nakajima challenges the ears and mind with Cardiac Strain. Aube deliv...

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