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“About music, actually to experiment for the experimentation is a sterile attitude. I could give just a few words of L.P. Celine about literature, for example: ‘Style against ideas’ – ideas in literature, music or any forms of art are for the time we live in, usurped, plagarized, masturbated – well, nothing really new, nothing really intense, nothing really ‘naturalist’. People believe that they create something new or something strong just because they use high technology – bollocks!!! In fact they just steralize ideas previously established or accepted. The real interest is in the style. Most people are stuck in front of style – if you don’t agree with that, please listen to the standardized field of actual sounds – So let your soul speak, wake up or die!”
- Christian Renou

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Normal by Brume CD: $17.00

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Intriguing musique concrete soundscapes which vary from soothing ambience to macabre, startling moments of profound industrial aesthetics, free ...

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