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Artist Details: Daniel Menche

Daniel Menche has established himself as a musician with a sense of focus and determination uncharacteristic in a genre known for its randomness and chaotic structure. Rather than creating “noise,” he strives for order and cohesiveness. His presentation of sonic structures is similar to the way a writer depicts a story, an allegory seems to arise, which uses confusion as a symbol for the imaginative process in its quest for beauty; aural intensity is not a representation of confusion or the chaotic, but a concerted effort to provoke the listeners imagination, to stimulate concerted effort to provoke the listeners imagination, to stimulate thought, generate intensely powerful sounds, and to inspire beauty. Attempting to avoid the theoretical aspects of music, menche’s sonic constructions enhance the mystery of confusion (in its tonal form) in an effort to stimulate the imagination.

“The space between the amplified speakers and the listeners ears is my primary focus and how that space can be maximized with sound energy.”

Daniel Menche’s work originates from the idea that music can be created without instruments. Ideas, concepts, and focused vision all serve as source materials — and there is no restriction to the potential sound sources. Works stem from “somatic” sounds, relying on the body – heart, skin, lungs, larynx, to natural field recordings, relying on wind, animals, insects, water, fire, and stones, etc; from crude, lo-fi, and primitive electronics, broken microphones, damaged speakers, antique audio equipment, to, at times, mangled drones from instruments such as accordions, melodicas, organs, and bass guitars with heavy gauged strings. Although this is electronic music, synthesizers have never played any part in his work. Here, the living elements are foregrounded, not the technical or electronic elements, that go into music making – organic sound sources are the main emphasis in creating a living and emotional feeling to daniel menche’s form of electronic music. Subtle and patient compositions rely on long, dense layers of droning sounds, while abrasive pieces rely on sounds amplified and processed to extreme levels, pushing the full spectrum of frequencies to the most intense limits. Other explorations could be considered musique concrete, chaotic collages displayed gracefully without ever being just “noise”. This is work that follows the path to explore new sound ideas for music.

“Music is like ones own blood – so amplify it! As loud as possible – make the speakers bleed!”

Daniel Menche’s craft straddles many hard-to-define boundaries and genres; it is an effort to provoke confusion in order to enhance the mystery of it; an effort to establish each release as a sonic identity. This is not the music of the masses; rather, it is the music of individuals who are adventurous in experiencing challenging music. Indeed, menche has amassed a sizable discography on some the most discerning independent labels in the world. Performing live extensively through out North America, Europe and Japan with performances that are intense and powerful. Characterized as both extremely loud and patiently subtle, menche’s live performance defines its own sonic presence, an entity that gives form to an emotional rawness with highly textural and dominating sounds.

Daniel menche’s music is meant to express the undisciplined purity of emotion. Characterized by forcefulness of sound, this is music that strives for one goal: vehement beauty.  

Releases and items by Daniel Menche

The Face of Vehemence by Daniel Menche CD: $10.00

Daniel Menche: The Face of Vehemence

Ground Fault

Track 1 ..........22'38" Track 2 ...........14'32" Track 3 ..........14'16" Track 4 ...........16'02" vehemence (ve'he*mence) ...

Drunk Gods by Daniel Menche

Daniel Menche: Drunk Gods


Timestretched whirrs, large insect buzzes, boats bumping into each other in a stormy harbour, muffled mechanical loops, a distressed organ like ton...

Deluge and Sunder by Daniel Menche

Daniel Menche: Deluge and Sunder

Betalactam Ring

Black Series 5 - Ed. of 350 numbered and signed copies. A CD edition of what every D.M. fan considers his finest work to date. Remastered and expan...

Kanticle by Daniel Menche

Daniel Menche: Kanticle


Approximately twenty minutes recorded during the winter the 2003 and finalized summer 2005 in Portland, Oregon, in Stereophonic Studios. And Dedica...

Garden by Daniel Menche CD: $13.00

Daniel Menche: Garden

Auscultare/Ground Fault

Kiyoshi Mizutani/Daniel Menche "Garden" CD "Misconceptions between reality and fiction, "Garden" is the first collaboration between these two monst...

Invoker by Daniel Menche

Daniel Menche: Invoker


"Invoker" is a work inspired by the age old ancient practice of sound being used to call upon higher dieties for strength and guidence and how mank...

Eye on the Steel by Daniel Menche CD: $6.00

Daniel Menche: Eye on the Steel


Substractif comes out of hibernation with "Eye on the Steel" from Portland Oregon's Daniel Menche. This marks our second release with one of the Un...

Beautiful Blood by Daniel Menche CD: $9.00
Download: $7.99

Daniel Menche: Beautiful Blood

Alien8 Recordings

Daniel Menche is one of the most exciting experimental music artists currently active in North American. His live performances and numerous recordi...

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