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everything is natural and doesn´t know why / recognising individuality, which nullifies all laws, orders and rules / religious beliefs conceal humans from themselves / the conflict between humans disengaged from a higher animal world, and the inhumanity they secrete / affirming life and living it without having to understand it / the non-existence of generalised truth, love and beauty / power is not necessary to guarantee survival, and survival is not enough / the overvaluation of rational and logical thought and the resulting emotional distance from natural chaos / the necessity to destroy, knowing that violence is a resort of mental impotence / how religion rapes, and the need to castrate rapists / choice or the realization and activation of potential possibilities of how to not consume in capitalism / the qualitative positivity of refusal / revaluation of all values / the lie of good and evil / the manipulative orientation of organized politics as economic tools and how media works / society’s channeling of its supressed sensuality into advertisment / massmedia’s information-overload and its lacking direct coherence to existence / economic values and their hostility towards real life / the missing foundation of the term normal / methods of interpretation and their possible manipulations, to your advantage / life should be a pattern of experiences to savour, not to endure / to live as though there was no tomorrow / the principle of gift / richness of the idiots: owning a large number of poor goods / the transmutation of imagination through capital into feces / all beings are together / we have nothing in common except the illusion of being together / contradiction / all thoughts are bad thoughts / refusing both to adapt to the violence of the world, and to embrace the violence of the unadapted / social adjustment offers a choice of servitudes and calls this choice liberty / the meaninglessness of time and the illusion of perfection / the quality of perception defines the state of intoxication / history is only what historians tell us / the obligation to produce alienates the passion for creation / duty without inner necessity is the recipe for idiocy / the authority of the majority. laughable / unity with nature is essential / the universe wants to play / attaining lucidity from power only unveils the darkness of despair, feeding one’s truth on lies / the stultifiable achievements of modern man / infatuated with progress, comfort, profit and reason / corrupted beings who have lost their instincts / the inability to play, choosing only contemplation, thus forfeiting nature / the hierarchical principle, a spell that blocks freedom / you could be a criminal – be prepared to act like one / the pitiful gab of national selfcenteredness / times in which an undifferentiated generalised anti-position is hip / the system never had a friendlier face / taking sides over prefabricated trifles that conscientiously stop up the sources / impersonal relationships are the no man´s land of isolation / what binds to others must grow out of what binds to the most exuberant and demanding will to live / the systematic cultivation of consciousness and awareness and its deployment in the world of deeds and objects to bring about desired results / smashing symbols in the name of nothing but the heart´s longing for grace, and still grasping something at its roots / a society distorted by the falsification of what is or should be human / the individual is irreducable, subject to change but not to exchange / to hold and to touch / chaos, continual creation, life / instinctive respect and sensitivity / romantically transfigured change / language abstracts /

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IIIII by Dave Phillips CD: $8.00

Dave Phillips: IIIII

Ground Fault

IIIII continues the tradition of the unique Scimpfluch-Gruppe style found in the previous four titles; I, II, III and IIII released on various ...

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