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Artist Details: Dissecting Table

“Shinto EBM from hell.”

“Digital death-dojo rhythms for extreme frenzy and trance states.”

“…one of the few Japanese cult bands that
have been able to jump over the ocean to Europe, combining
Japanese music tradition with a touch of western decadence.
DT uses metallic percussion, brutal drums and a voice
directly out of hell, the ‘Godzilla of Japanese noise’”.

dissecting table is the exclusive brainchild of Ichiro Tsuji, who is also believed to be head of the small UPD-Organization label. many of the dt releases can be found on that label in extremely limited editions, but a good many other companies — dark vinyl, daft, v2 organization, to name a few — have put out dt releases as well.

dt’s sound is intense and electronic — rhythm-heavy and dark. there are many trademark elements to their sound which have persisted since their first releases — the clattering bells and roaring vocals, for instance — but they have also expanded their sound enormously and started playing with longer and more involved pieces that go on for as much as 15-20 minutes on a stretch.

in general, i recommend that most people begin with zigoku, which is on the dark vinyl label and serves as an excellent introduction to the many different sides to their music.

Releases and items by Dissecting Table

Human Breeding by Dissecting Table

Dissecting Table: Human Breeding


Perhaps our favorite of the more recent releases by Ichiro Tsuji's Dissecting Table. Excellent collection of dark industrial that would serve as...

Life by Dissecting Table CD: $14.00

Dissecting Table: Life


Ichiro Isuji aka Dissecting Table documented 1997-1998. This man is responsible for some of the finest dark industrial ever created. Four tracks...

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