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Artist Details: Guilty Connector

A Japanese hybrid human/noise-machine that creates noise-scapes of unfathomed depths. Banging hand-made noise generators aka “SHIBAKI Electronics” made of iron plates, he creates and liberates dazzling spectra of sounds, from ultra-fast extremely trippy harsh barrages to meditative spacy sounds. Experience the roar of his live electronics with your own flesh.

Releases and items by Guilty Connector

Cosmic Trigger/ 2am Visit by Guilty Connector CD: $8.00

Guilty Connector: Cosmic Trigger/ 2am Visit

Ground Fault

Side Cosmic Trigger: 01. "Cosmic Trigger Pulled at Koenji Space-Station" 02. "Straight to Taisho" 03. "Skunked Result" 04. "666 Koenji Awamori Tri...

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