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Artist Details: Kiyoshi Mizutani

During the ‘80s, Kiyoshi Mizutani was a member of Merzbow with Masami Akita – the man who’s name is often synonymous with Merzbow, in spite of the many individuals who have helped with his ongoing Merzbow project. For this album, Mizutani presents six different and mostly untreated field recordings with tenuous connections to bird songs. The first track features the most overt manipulation of the field recorings with Mizutani sampling and modulating the tweeting song of an Indian Tree Pipit. Mizutani’s raw recordings also feature the strange call of a Ground Thrush in the midnight rain and the squawking of several ducks as the airplanes fly overhead their bird sanctuary. There’s also a track in which Mizutani records a duet between himself spartanly playing a thumbpiano and the calls of a number of birds in the forest. While he’s captured some nice sounds, his microphone is not quite as finely tuned as the ones used by Bernie Krause or Chris Watson.

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CD: $8.00

Kiyoshi Mizutani: Bird Songs

Ground Fault

Track 1 - Binzui .......... 9'13" Track 2 - Toratsugumi .......... 5'52" Track 3 - Hokora No Mizuba .......... 16'08" Track 4 - Tokyo Bay Bird San...

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