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Artist Details: Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge

Up until now only a few hundred people have
ever heard this Montreal improv supergroup
on the two occassions they performed live.
Composed of David Kristian on synth, Sam
Shalabi on oud and Alexandre St-Onge on
double bass, the trio recorded several times
over the course of a few months at Kristian’s
Mermaid Room studio. This CD is the result of
those sessions, an amazing blend of analog
electronics and acoustic instruments.

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Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge by Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge

Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge: Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge

Alien8 Recordings

Alien8 Recordings is releasing the studio recordings from the trio of David Kristian on EMS VCS-3 synthesizer, Sam Shalabi on guitar and oud, and A...

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