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Artist Details: Merzbow

Merzbow is one of the of the pioneers of the extreme scene, alongside the likes of Hijokaiden and London Ontario’s Nihilist Spasm Band. During this time he has released an insane amount of noise documents, including four on Alien8 Recordings. It is quite difficult to argue with Merzbow’s title, the king of noise. He reinvents himself on each new release, with a lot more change than your average band. The four releases on alien8 recordings are all drastically different, comparisons between releases like Akasha Gulva and Aqua Necromancer are like night and day.

Releases and items by Merzbow

Camouflage by Merzbow

Merzbow: Camouflage


The elemental excitement for each new Merzbow album remains intact among us here and, after four long years, the undisputable master returns to Ess...

Live in Geneva by Merzbow

Merzbow: Live in Geneva


Recorded live at the Cave 12, Geneva on March 10, 2005. 54 minute live set by the master of noise, fantastic as usual. Ltd edition of 500 copies.

Fantail by Merzbow

Merzbow: Fantail

clu clux clam

Fantastic album, reminiscent of 'Merzzow' or 'Puroland'. Track Listing: I: Clouds 7:06 II: Catapillar 10:32 III: Mountain 3:33 V: Waterfall 4:22 I...

Yoshinotsune by Merzbow

Merzbow: Yoshinotsune

clu clux clam

A great release. Wildly rhythmic, the album consists of three brilliant tracks, by turns soothing and unsettling.

Mini Cycle by Merzbow

Merzbow: Mini Cycle


A 3 inch mini CD by Merzbow, composed of 3 new tracks.

Animal Magnetism by Merzbow

Merzbow: Animal Magnetism

Alien8 Recordings

After an extended period of four years since our last release by the artist, Alien8 Recordings is pleased to announce a new recording from Masami A...

Puroland by Merzbow CD: $13.00

Merzbow: Puroland


1. Pilgrimage To Puroland 13:17 2. Pleasant Valley Monday 16:00 3. Celebration Day 11:00 4. War Frog 8:54

Tauromachine by Merzbow

Merzbow: Tauromachine


Akita's fith release for relapse, and the most laid-back of the bunch. Ambient moments can be compared to Space Metalizer & Magnesia Nova.

Collapse 12 Floors by Merzbow

Merzbow: Collapse 12 Floors


[OHM] Records, 0.4ohm 11 Feb 1999 1. Wa 30.25 6:27 2. Kareha 16:53 3. Collapse 12 Floors, In Asakusa 1923 30:30 One of earlier lap t...

Door Open at 8am by Merzbow CD: $9.00

Merzbow: Door Open at 8am

Alien8 Recordings

Three years ago Alien8 Recordings debuted with Merzbow's Akasha Gulva [aliencd1], a live document, perhaps the ultimate endurance test. Seventy min...

Aqua Necromancer by Merzbow CD: $9.00

Merzbow: Aqua Necromancer

Alien8 Recordings

This is our third release by Masami Akita, and certainly the most dynamic. On this recording Akita has included the use of sampled drums, lifted fr...

Space Metalizer by Merzbow

Merzbow: Space Metalizer

Alien8 Recordings

Alien8 Recordings is proud to announce the release of Merzbow's Space Metalizer. Ambient space effects derived from Moogs and Theremins make this q...

Akasha Gulva by Merzbow

Merzbow: Akasha Gulva

Alien8 Recordings

Masami Akita, possibly Japan's most respected and prolific extreme artist, delivers his debut release for both Alien8 Recordings and Canada. Akash...

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