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Artist Details: Nadja

Nadja is a duo of Aidan Baker (guitars, vocals, strings, woodwinds, drum machines) and Leah Buckareff (bass, vocals) currently based in Toronto, Canada. Nadja came to life in 2003 as a solo project of experimental/ambient musician & writer Aidan Baker (Die Stadt, Mystery Sea, Drone Records) as something of a flipside to his solo material; a means of exploring the darker, noisier, and heavier side of atmospheric and experimental music. Nadja became a duo in late 2004.

Combining dirge-like metal riffs and heavy, minimal percussion with ethereal melodicism and something of a shoegazer asthetic, Nadja attempts to create a swirling, amorphous wall of sound that is both obliterating and uplifting. Nadja’s sound has been compared to such groups as Godflesh/Jesu, Halo, Khanate/Sunn ((0))), Boris, Esoteric, and Earth, among others.

Following a string of cdr releases, Nadja’s CD debut, Truth Becomes Death, was released in October 2005 on Montreal’s Alien8 Recordings and deals with themes of artificial life and intelligence, conflating the 15th Century legend of the Golem of Prague with contemporary ideas of computer-based artificial intelligences.

Nadja is essentially drone-god Aidan Baker’s contribution to doom. The result is something akin to Godflesh covering Troum, all trance beats at the speed of crawl as a universe of dark ambient sound and melancholy riffs revolves around those narcoleptic beats. Elements of psychedelia, free jazz, drone, and experimental music all come into play with the ambient and melodic elements, but it’s the subterranean riffs of despair that make it so doomlike. The future of doom? The world should be so lucky…

Bio courtesy of Dead Angel.

Releases and items by Nadja




Tracklist 1 Kodiak - MCCCXLIX - The Rising End 21:16 2 Nadja - Kitsune - Fox Drone 20:08 Notes Packaged in heavyweight gatefold cover.

Belles Bêtes by Nadja

Nadja: Belles Bêtes

Betalactam Ring

Tracklist 1 Skin Like Sand 7:14 2 Beautiful Beast 13:31 3 Machina 10:09 4 Chainsaw 7:00 5 Green & Cold 7:29 6 Wound Culture 13:44 Credi...

Under the Jaguar Sun by Nadja

Nadja: Under the Jaguar Sun

Betalactam Ring

Tracklist Disc 1: Tezcatlipoca (Darkness) 1-1 SUNjaguar 9:24 1-2 SUN2windstorm 14:42 1-3 SUN3fieryrain 6:06 1-4 SUN4flood 14:22 1-5 SUN...

When I See The Sun Always Shines On TV by Nadja CD: $7.99

Nadja: When I See The Sun Always Shines On TV

The End Records

Tracklisting: * Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine) * Pea (Codeine) * No Cure For The Lonely (Swans) * Dead Skin Mask (Slayer) ...

The Bungled and the Botched by Nadja

Nadja: The Bungled and the Botched

ConSouling Sounds

NADJA - THE BUNGLED & THE BOTCHED (SOUL0001 - 2008) This awesome release contains a re-recorded version of Absorbed in You, which originally fe...

Trembled by Nadja

Nadja: Trembled

Ultech Records

Artist: Nadja Title: Trembled Format: CD Edition: 900 Length: 65 minutesTrx: 6 Recorded: 1-4. Recorded by Aidan Baker at a private event, Toronto,...

Desire In Uneasiness by Nadja

Nadja: Desire In Uneasiness

Crucial Blast

Following a wave of recent reissues and re-recorded versions of older CD-R titles, Desire In Uneasiness is an album of all new material from the ac...

Trinity by Nadja

Nadja: Trinity

Die Stadt

A special Nadja CD also featuring one solo track by both members Aidan Baker & Leah Buckareff. Released in conjunction with a live performance on A...

Skin Turns to Glass by Nadja CD: $10.00

Nadja: Skin Turns to Glass

The End Records

Skin Turns to Glass is the grotesquely pretty title of what's bound to be one of the more suffocating atmospheric-metal albums released this year —...

Thaumoradiance by Nadja

Nadja: Thaumoradiance


Late 2007 two track live release from Nadja which functions as a companion release for the studio Archive CD. Radiance of Shadows preludes into the...

Bliss Torn From Emptiness by Nadja CD: $13.00

Nadja: Bliss Torn From Emptiness

Profound Lore

Profound Lore's second collaboration with Nadja comes in the form of the re-vamped, augmented, and altered Bliss Torn From Emptiness. Given the ult...

Radiance of Shadows by Nadja Download: $8.99

Nadja: Radiance of Shadows

Alien8 Recordings

Now available on vinyl. See below for more info. The Canadian ambient doom band Nadja returns with _Radiance of Shadows_, the follow-up to their c...

Guilted By The Sun by Nadja

Nadja: Guilted By The Sun


This latest outing from Nadja is the label debut for Elevation records. Neatly packaged in a digi-pack, this four track ep runs just under 28 minut...

12012291920 / 1414101 by Nadja

Nadja: 12012291920 / 1414101


"12012291920 / 1414101 is the coming together of two distinct creative forces in the form of Atavist (UK) & Nadja (Canada) and represents an abstra...

Corrasion by Nadja

Nadja: Corrasion

Foreshadow Productions

This album was originally released in 2003, and is Nadja's third full-length. It has been re-recorded and now adds three bonus tracks: "I Am As Ear...

Fear Falls Burning & Nadja - s/t by Nadja

Nadja: Fear Falls Burning & Nadja - s/t


Fear Falls Burning & Nadja - s/t CD (Conspiracy Records) May 21st 2007 On their first full-length collaboration CD fear falls burning and nadja dis...

Thaumogenesis by Nadja

Nadja: Thaumogenesis


If doom metal had a slightly awkward sibling who wrote poetry, this would be it. Nadja's release on Archive consists of a single 62 minute track th...

Touched by Nadja CD: $9.00
Download: $7.99

Nadja: Touched

Alien8 Recordings

Now available on vinyl. See below for more info. Announcing “Touched”, our second release by the up and coming ambient doom band Nadja. The Outs...

Trembled by Nadja

Nadja: Trembled

Ultech Records

Live material from a private event held in Toronoto. Includes a cover of the Swans No Cure or the Lonely.

Body Cage by Nadja

Nadja: Body Cage

Profound Lore

Another whopper of a release from this Canadian project, again with a set of three lengthy slabs of pulsing, droning material that walks a fine lin...

Truth Becomes Death by Nadja 2LP: $20.00
Download: $7.99

Nadja: Truth Becomes Death

Alien8 Recordings

Now available on vinyl. See below for more info. Finally a full-fledged metal release on Alien8 Recordings. Alright, perhaps that's a bit of an ex...

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