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Artist Details: No-Neck Blues Band

The No-Neck Blues Band, also known as NNCK, is a seven-member free-form improvisational musical collective from New York City. The band was formed in 1992, and has maintained the Hint House, a practice/performance space in Harlem, for the past decade. Membership includes Dave Nuss, Keith Connolly, Dave Shuford, Jason Meagher, Pat Murano, Matt Heyner, and Michiko.

Members of NNCK have been involved in numerous side-projects and off-shoots, including Angelblood, Eye Contact, Izititiz, K. Salvatore, Enos Slaughter, Suntanama, Egypt is the Magick #, Test, Coach Fingers, and, most recently, Under Satan’s Sun.

Along with their many releases on their own label, Sound@One (or s@1, as it often appears), NNCK has released albums on Ecstatic Yod and New World of Sound, as well as singles on Dry Leaf Disks (UK), New World of Sound, and Ecstatic Peace. Their first studio album was Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Names Will Never Hurt Me, produced by Jerry Yester (of the Lovin’ Spoonful) on John Fahey’s Revenant Records after Fahey became an enthusiastic fan of the band. This was followed by Qvaris on 5RC, and, most recently, a collaboration with the German band Embryo.

Releases and items by No-Neck Blues Band

Nine for Victor by No-Neck Blues Band CD: $14.00

No-Neck Blues Band: Nine for Victor


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