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Random Inc. is Sebastian Meissner. He is a well-known figure in the Force Inc. universe, having previously released the glitch-fest Selected Random Works (under the name Random Industries) for Ritornell, and having released several other disks on the many Force Inc. labels as member of the deep techno unit, Autopoieses. However, none of those other works quite prepared me for Jerusalem. This is, essentially, a digital reworking of source material culled from historical sound recordings made by Jewish and Palestinian musicians in and around the city of Jerusalem—a city that is more famous today for its bitter struggles between Jews, Moslems, and Christians than for its historical significance as one of the birthplaces of those three religions. According to Ritornell, the digital reworking of these various musics was designed “to create an utopian moment in which this two music cultures, at least on this CD, can co-exist in their own environments.” Meissner took certain crucial moments from each tradition and fused them together with digital processing and a host of digital effects to demonstrate both the similarities that the cultures share and the chaos that the city itself is forced to endure decade after decade.

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Jerusalem by Random Inc CD: $13.00

Random Inc: Jerusalem


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