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Think About Life have been causing panic on Montreal dance floors since just a little before they were personally invited by Wolf Parade (Sub Pop) to be their support act during last year’s North American autumn tour. Montreal’s best-kept secret is now coming out… on record.

“Think About Life builds a bridge from swiriling chaos to kindly pop, but the bridge is a shaky beast that tends to collapse into the sea and capsize any onlooking vessel. Shows can meltdown to oblivion or soar to ecstacy or implode after one song with police intervention. The sounds range from manic to troubled to tender to silly, exploding every emotion at once into a thousand pieces at the bottom of a canyon. TAL reassembles this raw material into a worldview rooted in thunder-storms, roller-coasters, clowns, sea-beasts, romance, fireworks, massive sphinxes, basketball championships, chivalric knighthoods, snowmen, children, videos, hamlets, sunglasses, and YOU.”

Think About Life is the lovechild of Graham Van Pelt, a multi-instrumentalist, recording studio proprietor and co-director of Montreal’s adored all-ages alternative space, the Friendship Cove. The band’s primary vocal organ is Martin Cesar, the genius of the Donkey Heart quartet that squinty, pimply West Montreal kids swear by as “the little band that could…” Matt Shane is the name of the band’s drum machine.

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Family by Think About Life CD: $9.00
LP: $10.00
Download: $8.99

Think About Life: Family

Alien8 Recordings

Vinyl edition on green vinyl, packaged in gatefold sleeve now available. Back in May 2006 we baptized the emergence of the Montreal’s energetic par...

Think About Life by Think About Life CD: $10.00
Download: $7.99

Think About Life: Think About Life

Alien8 Recordings

Announcing the self-titled debut from Montreal’s Think About Life. Think About Life have been causing panic on dance floors and concert halls alike...

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Think About Life: Tiger T-Shirt

This new Think About Life T...

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