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Contrastate were formed in 1987 by Stephen Meixner and Jonathan Grieve. Their initial musical ventures were of a more improvisational nature, based on noise and volume (not to be confused with power electronics). Sounds emerged, sub-merged an...


Eric Cordier

Eric Cordier has studied fine arts, body-art & music. He began body-art performances/tape music between 1986 and 1994 under the name of Nadir, with Jean Luc Guionnet and Cécile Maupoux (21 performances in France, Germany and Nederland). Actually t...


CPC Gangbangs

"cpc made it seem like permanent midnight at 10pm. they're like dennis hopper in blue velvet when he says 'now it's dark', and you know some ugly shit is going to happen. actually, they are that ugly shit. it made me drink whisky." - pestilentsple...

Cal Crawford

Cal Crawford is a performative scientist, an investigator of phenomenological minutiae, a squint artist. Akin to Erik Satie's advice to the performer of his Vexations to prepare oneself with some "serious immobilities", Crawford here examines the ...


Crawl Unit

Throughout the years California has gained world wide rep as one of the most productive matrixes for experimental artists, in a wide spectrum of styles and philosophies. Within the medium of ‘new abstract sound’ Crawl Unit is undoubtedly one o...



Désormais is Mitchell Akiyama and Joshua Treble. Akiyama has released works on Substractif, Raster, Sub Rosa and his own intr_version imprint. Treble has a release on the Pitch Cadet label. Together they've created a highly textured amient recordi...



Detention is Alexandre McSween and Sam Shalabi (Shalabi Effect, Molasses) on guitar. Together they explore free jazz/improv music. This is their first release.

Dissecting Table

"Shinto EBM from hell." "Digital death-dojo rhythms for extreme frenzy and trance states." "...one of the few Japanese cult bands that have been able to jump over the ocean to Europe, combining Japanese music tradition with a touch of west...


Biography Pre-DISSECTION conspiracy In 1988, four guys from the West Coast of Sweden; Jon Nödtveidt, Peter Palmdahl, Ole Öhman and Mattias "Mäbe" Johansson, formed the Thrash Metal combo Siren's Yell. With influences ranging from Slayer to...



Dreamcatcher are a Montreal based duo comprised of Blake Hargreaves and Katherine Kline and together they blend loops with an arsenal of home spun electronics. The band has quickly become one of the crowned jewels of the Montreal experimental/nois...

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