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Maso Yamazaki a.k.a. Masonna is undoubtedly the most over the top player in the field of extreme noise. He has been dominating the Japanese underground since 1987 with his barbaric mix of vocals and noise. During this time Mademoiselle Anne Sangla...


Mecha Fixes Clocks

Mecha Fixes Clocks is Michel F. Côté, a veteran of Montreal's thriving experimental scene. On "Orbiting with Screwdrivers" he has assembled a carefully chosen ensemble from the city's vibrant Musique Actuelle community. Coté laboured over countles...


Menace Ruine

Hailing from the frozen north of the province of Québec comes the duo cloaked in mystery, simply known as Menace Ruine. Since the release of their blazing self-produced demo, In Vulva Infernum, they have allowed themselves to perform live and over...


Daniel Menche

Daniel Menche has established himself as a musician with a sense of focus and determination uncharacteristic in a genre known for its randomness and chaotic structure. Rather than creating "noise," he strives for order and cohesiveness. His presen...


Daniel Menche and Joe Preston

Joe Preston (born 1969) is a rock bass guitarist and a former band member of Earth, The Melvins, Men's Recovery Project, The Need and High on Fire. Preston has also played with Sunn O))), and has a solo project called Thrones. Joe Preston learned ...



Merzbow is one of the of the pioneers of the extreme scene, alongside the likes of Hijokaiden and London Ontario's Nihilist Spasm Band. During this time he has released an insane amount of noise documents, including four on Alien8 Recordings. It i...


Christof Migone

Quieting is the fourth solo recording from conceptual sound artist Christof Migone, released on Alien8 Recordings. Quieting is a fine example of the artist's ability to pay attention to minute detail.


Kiyoshi Mizutani

During the '80s, Kiyoshi Mizutani was a member of Merzbow with Masami Akita - the man who's name is often synonymous with Merzbow, in spite of the many individuals who have helped with his ongoing Merzbow project. For this album, Mizutani presents...



Molasses has become well-known locally over the past couple of years for intimate, elaborate live performances, with seven core members playing more than a dozen instruments: guitars, banjos, oud, organs, piano, upright bass, cello, violin, drums,...



Monstre is a vocal aritst from Montreal who has been playing live and release recordings of his unique take on noise and pop using his voice and electronics. Monstre is one of the most interesting live acts currently operating in the bustling loca...

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