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The end of the Napalm Jazz radio show on CKIA, in 2000 (which also led to a long hiatus for the same-named group) hasn’t discouraged the members of the group, who continued and multiplied their collaborations, internally and with increasingly more...



Bryn Jones was not a practicing Muslim and never went to the Middle East. His recordings as Muslimgauze, however, qualified him as one of the Western artists most explicitly slanted in his favor of the Palestinian liberation movement. Since the Ma...



Nadja is a duo of Aidan Baker (guitars, vocals, strings, woodwinds, drum machines) and Leah Buckareff (bass, vocals) currently based in Toronto, Canada. Nadja came to life in 2003 as a solo project of experimental/ambient musician & writer Aidan B...


Nadja / Atavist

***Points at Infinity is the second collaboration between the UK's most infamous doom/sludge metal band, Atavist, and the most prolific and respected act in experimental/drone/doom/ambient music today, Nadja. The first collaboration, titled 12012...



Riding atop the recent wave of black metal/noise hybrids who combine the bleak frosty riffs and blackened ferocity of underground BM with blown-out and corrosive strains of industrial noise (see also WOLD, Emit, Grief No Absolution, Enbiluluguga...


Harris Newman

A Montreal based performer with connections to the Constellation record collective, Harris Newman isn't trying to sound like the most well known avatar from that city, Godspeed you Black Emperor.


No Festival of Light

No Festival Of Light is one of Sweden's most prosperous and growing acts of industrial experimentation. Formerly known as P/D(B), the mastermind of this talented project, Fredrik Bergstrom, changed monikers when he decided to move his musical tria...


No-Neck Blues Band

The No-Neck Blues Band, also known as NNCK, is a seven-member free-form improvisational musical collective from New York City. The band was formed in 1992, and has maintained the Hint House, a practice/performance space in Harlem, for the past dec...



Odal are a Black Metal band from Germany. Their line-up consists of Taaken (guitars, vocals), Grroll (drumms), and Wolfhetan (bass). They have released two full-length albums and a series of splits and EPs, with lyrical themes including: Paganism...


Charlemagne Palestine

Charlemagne Palestine (born Charles Martin or Chaim Moshe Palestine August 15, 1945 or 1947, in Brooklyn, New York) is an American minimalist composer, performer, and visual artist. A contemporary of Philip Glass, Terry Riley, and Steve Reich, Pal...

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