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Pharaoh Overlord

"The other day a mail order customer called up and ordered Finnish post-rockers Circle's tUMULt release "Andexelt", and also "Ciudad de Brahman" by Argentinean stoner-rock outfit Natas. I immediately suggested that he also get a copy of this debut...


Dave Phillips

everything is natural and doesn´t know why / recognising individuality, which nullifies all laws, orders and rules / religious beliefs conceal humans from themselves / the conflict between humans disengaged from a higher animal world, and the in...


Picastro and Nadja

Picastro and Nadja team up for the their split release, _Fool, Redeemer_.


Polmo Polpo

Alien8 Recordings and its sub-label Substractif will release the debut full-length, "The Science of Breath", by Toronto producer Sandro Perri, a.k.a. Polmo Polpo, who blends deep, murky techno with rich layers of feedback and densely orchestrated ...



Before the melodic death/black metal explosion came to the fore, its birthplace of Sweden harboured several groundbreaking acts that would help spearhead such a movement with such acts as Dissection, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Dawn, and of cours...



Prurient is the nom de plume of noise musician Dominick Fernow. He has released material on numerous independent record labels, such as American Tapes, Hanson Records, RRRecords, Load Records, Troubleman Unlimited, Chrondritic Sound, and his own l...


R.H.Y. Yau

Randy Yau currently serves as Vice President of 23five Incorporated, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and increased awareness of sound works in the public arena, and to the support and education of artists working with and dis...



Radiosonde is Scott Arford. If one word can summarize the body of work that Scott Arford has created, it would have to be STATIC. His work encapsulates every sense of the word: infinitely complex and simultaneously unchanging. It is an incompreh...


Random Inc

Random Inc. is Sebastian Meissner. He is a well-known figure in the Force Inc. universe, having previously released the glitch-fest Selected Random Works (under the name Random Industries) for Ritornell, and having released several other disks on ...


Return to devastation, Japanese noise style! Robochanman is extreme japanoise in the old style. The torrential grind of Merzbow filtered through Masonna's guts. Tracks like 'Cyclops Troop' and 'Subculture Snob Eat Shit' are great. It's been so...

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