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Label: Auscultare/Ground Fault

CD: $10.00

Joe Colley: Desperate Attempts at Beauty

Auscultare/Ground Fault

Joe Colley "Desperate Attempts at Beauty: Conceptual and Research Exercises" CD "Desperate Attempts at Beauty: Conceptual and Research Excercises"...

KHZ by Zbigniew Karkowski CD: $12.00

Zbigniew Karkowski: KHZ

Auscultare/Ground Fault

Zbigniew Karkowski/Antimatter "KHZ" CD "The second collaboration by Karkowski and Xopher Davidson (Antimatter) is a masterful work that rewards any...

Garden by Daniel Menche CD: $13.00

Daniel Menche: Garden

Auscultare/Ground Fault

Kiyoshi Mizutani/Daniel Menche "Garden" CD "Misconceptions between reality and fiction, "Garden" is the first collaboration between these two monst...

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