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Label: Betalactam Ring

Green and Cold by Aidan Baker

Aidan Baker: Green and Cold

Betalactam Ring

Edition of 400 numbered copies. A kind of different album from A. Baker (Nadja) as it leans more into shoegazery and drone-pop songs. “Green & Cold...

Deluge and Sunder by Daniel Menche

Daniel Menche: Deluge and Sunder

Betalactam Ring

Black Series 5 - Ed. of 350 numbered and signed copies. A CD edition of what every D.M. fan considers his finest work to date. Remastered and expan...

Belles Bêtes by Nadja

Nadja: Belles Bêtes

Betalactam Ring

Tracklist 1 Skin Like Sand 7:14 2 Beautiful Beast 13:31 3 Machina 10:09 4 Chainsaw 7:00 5 Green & Cold 7:29 6 Wound Culture 13:44 Credi...

Under the Jaguar Sun by Nadja

Nadja: Under the Jaguar Sun

Betalactam Ring

Tracklist Disc 1: Tezcatlipoca (Darkness) 1-1 SUNjaguar 9:24 1-2 SUN2windstorm 14:42 1-3 SUN3fieryrain 6:06 1-4 SUN4flood 14:22 1-5 SUN...

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